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Want To Be A Taxi Driver In Arrecife?

The Department of Transport in Arrecife (concejalía de Transportes) have released dates for drivers wishing to take tests for a permit to become a taxi driver in the municipality.


The notice was published on Friday 17th June, any candidates wanting to take the aptitude test must submit their application within 15 days of this date, therefore by the 1st of July. The document called  read more »

How To Renew Your Driving Licence In Spain

I recently had to renew my driver’s licence here in Lanzarote, so I thought it would make sense to share the process with you, particularly as I researched it before hand on the internet, and then found it was nothing like I had read!


If you’re under 40, your licence is valid for ten years in Spain. There is then a sliding scale until you reach 45 or more, when you must renew your licence every 5 years.  Again there’s a sliding scale from 67 to 70, at which point you must renew every two years. The key part of the renewal is to ensure you are medically fit to drive.  read more »

Spanish Paperwork System

This video made me smile, it's a short comedy of how to beat the Spanish paperwork system, starring Carolina Bang & Tomas del Estal entitled Modelo 036.

I dedicate this to all expats who have spent time visiting Spanish administration offices only to be told that we have forgotten one piece of paper or didn’t bring an extra photocopy! The film is in Spanish but has English subtitles so you can understand what’s being said although the acting says it all.

The film was a finalist  read more »

Goverment Grants For Multiple Births In 2011

If you are are given the amazing & equally terrifying news that you are expecting twins (or more!), don't panic, help is on the way!Congratulations Twins

The Canarian government has announced economic assistance for parents expecting multiple births. As usual there is a comprehensive list of requirements, but hey, if you are entitled to it, why not claim it?

You have nothing to lose by submitting your application, you can be granted up to €1,202.02 per child annually until the children are 10 years old. The actual amount awarded depends on the number of children born per delivery and the family's earnings.

Here are some of the requirements:  read more »

Applying For Residencia

There is some paperwork to complete when you relocate to live in on a permanent basis in Lanzarote. My advice would be to tackle one thing at a time, expect some difficulties and consider employing a paperwork expert to help you if you get stuck.

Certificado de Residencia Lanzarote

Currently extranjeros (foreigners) are only provided with a sheet of A4 green paper which is your certificate to show you are resident in Spain. You should notify the Oficina de Extranjeros if you are planning to stay longer than three months, although your main residence is still determined by the country you live in for more than 6 months of the year.

Police Station Arrecife  Comisaría de PolicíaFor residencia you need to visit the Oficina de Extranjeros which is located in the Comisaría de Policía building in the Puerto Naos area of Arrecife.


C/ Mastelero, s/n, 35500, Arrecife, Lanzarote, Las Palmas

Telephone: 928 844 266 

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm

To apply for residencia you need to complete the form EX18  read more »

Register Now For Your Vote

Vote symbol If you want to vote in the Spanish municipal elections the 22nd May 2011, you need to make sure that you are registered on the censo electoral (electoral role) before the deadline of the 15th January 2011.

If you are an EU citizen living in Lanzarote then according to the Mandate EHAJ2264I20'10 (BOE de 28 de agosto) you are entitled to vote in the forthcoming municipal elections if the following applies:

* You have Spanish residencia

* You are aged over 18 years old

* You have lived in Spain without a break for five years

* You are registered at your local ayuntamiento (you have a certificado de empadronamiento)

For more information  read more »

What is IBI in Spain?

IBI or "Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles” is the payment property owners make each year to their local councils and is the equivalent of the UK’s rates, or council tax.  read more »

Buying a car in Lanzarote

It’s not as simple as you might think! The process is classically bureaucratic, but ultimately straightforward.


Where from?

The choice isn’t as big as you might have thought, because most of the hire cars from here go back to be sold on the Spanish mainland. Most major manufacturers have dealers here, and they can be found in Arrecife, but very few of them offer second hand cars. Used cars tend to be left to the specialist used car dealers which can be found in Playa Honda and Arrecife.

One thing to note is that second hand values tend to be quite high here, as there is a demand for decent used cars. A late used car can make a new one seem a bargain!

Buying privately is pretty common, and you can find used cars for sale in The Gazette, Estohay magazine and online in classified adverts.

If you buy from a dealer, the “transferencia” will be taken care of normally as part of the price – that’s changing the registration into your name. But if buying privately, you and the seller will have to do that job yourself. Here’s the process:  read more »


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