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Scott McCue

We were impressed by one of our local entertainers performing at a wedding in Lanzarote recently, his name is Scott McCue and can be found singing his heart out, around the holiday resort of Costa Teguise 6 nights a week.

Scott Mccue

We requested an interview with Scott, so we could find out how he came to be in Lanzarote and where we can find him performing.

Do you have a stage name?

Yes, it’s Scott MCQ

Where are you from originally read more »

What's It Like Being Treated By Lanzarote Hypnotherapist Stuart Downing?

I’ve received two more testimonials for the work Stuart Downing is doing on his regular visits to the island, and they make interesting reading.

Stuart seated photo middle size

The first is from someone I know very well, who visited Stuart to help put an end to almost 40 years of cigarette smoking:

I’ve never been hypnotised before, and I was interested and curious about the process. Stuart sat me in a comfortable chair, put some headphones on me, and spoke to me over a soundtrack of gentle, relaxing music. read more »

Lanzarote Book Review - A Price Worth Paying

I really enjoyed this book by Andy Wilson. A Price Worth Paying is a thriller where a good part of the action is set in Lanzarote. The story follow salvage diver James Andrews, who ends up living and working in Lanzarote as a dive guide. But past events catch up with him here in the most spectacular fashion.


It’s obvious that the author knows the island well, although he doesn’t fall into the trap of being overly descriptive – there’s just enough information so that those of us who know Lanzarote can see exactly where everything is taking place in our own mind’s eye. read more »

The Lanzarote Information Team At Christmas

We thought we’d let you know how the team at Lanzarote Information are going to celebrate Christmas this year, to give you a flavour of island life during the festive season.

Christmas here is divided into three main celebrations, and most of us work in between them.

It all kicks off this evening, with a traditional family meal, and obviously we’re off tomorrow to enjoy Christmas day. We don’t celebrate Boxing day here, so it’s back to normal on the 26th.

As you’d expect, New Year’s even is a big one, although here we call it Noche Vieja “Old night" or Fin de Año "End of the Year" – in other words the last day of the year, rather than the eve of the first day, if that makes sense! We’re all off on New Year’s day, but back to normal on the second.

The fifth of January is always magical – it’s the day the three Kings come to town to bring gifts for the children, and the 6th is Tres Reyes – another holiday, and the day when most local children get their pressies.

Here’s what we have planned:

Julie and Mike

Julie Profile 2014  Mike read more »

Popglish - El Musical - A fabulous Night In Lanzarote

We went to the theatre at San Bartolomé to see Popglish at the weekend, and it turned out to be a fantastic night, and in the words of one of the people we were with:

“The best value concert ever!"


The performance was set around a Spanish family who are discussing music in their home. They reminisce about some of the brilliant pop music that has come from Britain and Ireland over the years, and then get up and sing the songs. The four singers were backed by an excellent band, and their voices were truly excellent. read more »

Book Review - The Drago Tree, Isobel Blackthorn

Let’s clear one thing up straight away: The Drago Tree is not a book about Lanzarote, it’s a novel set on the island.

Drago Tree

There are only three main characters in the book (four if you include Lanzarote) and the story centres on their often complex relationship. The central character is Ann, who visits the island to help draw a line under her failed marriage. Richard is a well known author who has a home here, and Domingo is a local potter. Each is very well drawn by the author, and the triangular tension is palpable throughout.

In keeping with the setting in the north of Lanzarote, the pace is slow and gentle. The timeline changes often as we look back at Ann’s life, and I did sometimes find myself lost for a page or two. read more »

Cesár Manrique Video

Reader John Rotherham sent us a link to this You Tube video about César Manrique. It’s a documentary about his life, his work and his love for Lanzarote.


It’s full of both still images and video of him that we haven’t seen before, and it shows him living at Taro de Tahiche, now the Fundación.

Two warnings for you:

1/ It’s almost an hour long, so get a brew on! read more »

10 Things That Have Changed In Lanzarote Over The Last 15 years

We’re coming up to 15 years living on the island, and we were reminiscing the other day about how things have changed here in that time. We thought it would be fun to share what we came up with:


You Can Buy Marmite Here

You couldn’t buy Marmite when we first came here, even from “Strawberry Farm" which was the only “British" shop on the island. Mates used to bring it out for me, but these days it seems to be everywhere.

The Journey Time From The Airport To Haria Has Halved

In those days, the fast road by-passing Guatiza and Mala didn’t exist, so it was a slow crawl which started on the old circunvalacion. I used to allow an hour, these days, with the new Arrecife ring road, it takes a little over 30 minutes. read more »

You Don’t Buy Houses With “Black" Money Anymore

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