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Lots Happening At Flower Power!

Now that Spring has finally sprung in Lanzarote, we contacted our favourite garden centre – Flower Power in Macher – to ask them what’s happening there.

IMG_3768  IMG_3772

They told us that they have tons of new flowering plants, young olive trees, roses, every kind of fruit tree that grows well here, as well all the herbs, bushes and cactus they normally stock.

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International Volunteer Day 2012

Lanzarote residents are invited to participate in a project to plant species native to the island in the Lomo de San Andrés on Sunday 2nd December.

voluntariado Lomo de San Andres 2 DecLomo_de_San_Andres

The project has been co-ordinated to be part of the Día Internacional del Voluntariado, everyone is welcome to help for 2 hours from 11:00 to 13:00. Organised by the Consejeria de Participación Ciudadana this is a chance to get involved with the local community and the biosphere of Lanzarote.

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Eleanora's Falcons in Alegranza

The nesting season in Alegranza is coming to a close, the chicks are now starting to fly and it won’t be long before the fledglings start their first migration from the Canary Islands.

Eleanora's Falcon Chicks in AlegranzaOrnithologists in Alegranza

Photo: Eleanora’s Falcon Chicks courtesy of Lanzarote Active Club

There were 130 pairs of Eleanora’s Falcons who made the migration to Alegranza in 2012, sadly it’s not been a good breeding year, only 40% of the chicks have survived to date. We had a quick chance for a catch up on the latest news from the ornithologists from the WWF Campaña Chinijo this week during the marine reserve boat trip, where we paused at the lighthouse on the island to exchange food and supplies with the camp. Apparently, the Eleanora’s Falcons have suffered from a lack of food, their diet consists of small migratory birds, the lack of recent wind meant that their food supply ran short for a couple of weeks, thus the parents resorted to killing other chicks in order to feed their young.

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Spring birding on Lanzarote

This is a guest post from Julian who enjoys bird watching whilst during his holidays in Lanzarote.

Lanzarote has long been one of my favourite holiday destinations and as a birder I have always enjoyed my visits to the island. All my previous trips have been in late autumn or winter and have all produced good birding. The island specialities of Houbara Bustard, Cream-coloured Courser, Barbary Falcon, Trumpeter finch and Berthelot’s Pipit combined with the wading birds at Salinas de Janubio have made each visit worthwhile.


White-spotted Bluethroat

In March 2012 the annual family holiday coincided with the start of the spring  read more »

Flower Power Landscape Project

Flower Power is a fantastic garden centre situated in Mácher, Lanzarote they have very healthy well sized plants, at good prices.

Flower Power Garden Centre

We followed the progress of a landscape garden project that Flower Power have completed at a house in Haría. The work started back in November 2010, the lower level of this garden had not been cultivated and the area to be worked on was previously the builder’s rubbish tip.

Flower Power From This Flower Power cleared area

The first job was to clear the land of  read more »

Tomato Glut

I was interested to read in Jules’s blog about the allotments available from Teguise council as I love to potter in the garden.

<Samsung i7, Samsung VLUU i7> I get a huge sense of achievement when I cook what I have grown from the smallest of seeds, and there is just no comparison on the taste of freshly picked veg. I am by no means an expert though and feel my best successes come from plants which are able to survive my somewhat sporadic care and attention.

When we moved to our present house a few years ago the previous owner told us that she had had a huerta on the NE side of the garden but it had long been neglected. This terraced part of the garden is quite sheltered and very shady all afternoon. With our gradual refurbishment of the house we attempted a general tidy of the garden and I decided to plant a few veggies just for fun.

<Samsung i7, Samsung VLUU i7> We started with a variety of plants but we have found those which are generally available in Lanzarote are obviously most suited to the climate and conditions.  Courgettes, pumpkin, melon and green beans all do well but do benefit from a daily visit. Our two older children both attended a school with a thriving veg patch and it was left to my older son to explain to me the finer points of a courgettes’ sex life!  read more »

Spring Flowers in Lanzarote

The island of Lanzarote has blossomed, there are wild flowers along the roadsides, covering the pícon and volcanic landscapes and transforming them into fields of yellow, white, blue and red….Spring has arrived!

Máguez Palm Corona Daisy

Máguez has an abundance of big beautiful daisies.

Poppies in Lanzarote Spring flowers

San Bartolomé has a vibrant red field full of poppies.  read more »

Men at Work in Los Valles

You may have noticed the line of men in orange uniform with white hats working the hillside when passing through Los Valles. They are planting the hillside as part of the project II Fase de Restauración Hidrológica y Forestal de La Cuenca Alta del Barranco de La Espoleta Hasta El Núcleo Urbano de los Valles TM de Teguise.

Los Valles Men at Work  read more »

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