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For anyone considering relocating to Lanzarote, you should get a copy of The Camel Guide to Relocating to Lanzarote

If you're thinking of moving to the island, you might enjoy these two books which tell the story of one family and their move to Lanzarote: Living in Lanzarote

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Crime in Lanzarote

We believe we enjoy a pretty sheltered life here, occasionally we are contacted by tourists contemplating a first visit to the island, who want to know “What is crime like in Lanzarote?”


Source: Ministerio del Interior. Gobierno de España. Data Provided by: FF.CC.S.E. (Cuerpo Nacional de Policía y Guardia Civil).

During 2013 the island of Lanzarote had a population of 141,953 people and received over 2 million tourists. To date in 2014 there has been an average just over 1,000 crime incidents a month.

Crime here in general has decreased during 2014 compared to 2013. Drug trafficking has had a marked increase, it’s risen by 46% compared to last year, and car theft is up 9%, all other categories of crime have fallen.

In descending order our  read more »

Help for foreign residents to register for voting in Tias

The Socialist Party headquarters in Tías will open on Tuesdays during December to help foreign citizens register on the electoral roll.


Municipal elections take place across Spain on the 24th of May 2015. As a foreign citizen you can exercise your right to vote for your local mayor, you must be aged over 18 on the election date and be registered on the electoral roll before the deadline of the 30th December 2014.

The PSOE headquarters will be open from 17:00 – 19:00 every Tuesday which started this week on the 2nd and continues throughout December on the 9th, 16th & 23rd.

European Union citizens need only to register on the electoral roll, Norwegian citizens must have a  read more »

Help for foreign residents to register for voting in Teguise

Oswaldo, the Mayor of Teguise has published the following information in English to help English speaking residents living in the municipality to register for the forthcoming elections.

How to register to vote

Foreign residents must register with their local council before the 30th of December 2014 to have a say in the municipal elections next year. For people living in the resort of Costa Teguise and the municipality of Teguise, help is on hand to register residents who don’t speak Spanish. An English speaking representative will be available in the Costa Teguise office of the Ayuntamiento for the next  read more »

Connected to the Environment 2014

The "Connected to the Environment" Campaign (Conectados al Medioambiente) is back from the 1st of November to the 20th of December 2014.


The program covers different actions in schools and companies to raise awareness about the necessity to protect our environment by recycling.

Also, there are two vouchers of 500€ available to buy a new appliance and encourage people to dispose of the old ones responsibly. To be in the chance to win one of these vouchers all you have to do is  read more »

Top Catz Dance Classes in Lanzarote

It’s the end of summer in Lanzarote, which means it’s back to school and Marlene’s dance classes.

Top Catz Dance Class LanzaroteTop Catz Dance Childrens Class Lanzarote

Top Catz Dance have been established in Lanzarote for 25 years, their dance classes will continue at the CIEP Alcalde Rafael Cedrés school in Tias and possibly some other venues. This year’s class schedule will include tap, Irish and Flamenco classes, the programme for 2014-15 will be confirmed shortly.

Dance teacher, Marlene Pierce also offers private tuition in Lanzarote for tap, Irish step dance, clogging, Sevillanas, classical Spanish dance, Flamenco, Hawaiian and Tahitian dance, belly dance and funky/Latin/Jazz. These private dance classes are available for both residents and tourists visiting the island.

Top Catz Dance Group performing in LanzaroteTop Catz Dance children performing in Lanzarote

The class prices remain unchanged, for one class a week it costs  read more »

Part Time University Degree Level Language Courses in Lanzarote

UNED which is the National University for Distance Education will be starting part time language classes in Lanzarote this autumn.

UNED Lanzarotelogo_uned_lanzarote

The aim of the University Centre for Distance Language Learning (CUID) is to teach university degree level Spanish through associated centres as well as other foreign languages.

During the academic year 2014/15, the CUID – UNED will be taught in Lanzarote as a part time course. Students enrolled on these language courses will have a combination of media for studying which includes class tutorials, print and multimedia materials that have been specially designed for long distance students, plus UNED online tutorials.

The courses available include:  read more »

Ray & Jen celebrate 4 years on the rock

I met up with Ray at his local bar in Playa Blanca today, just around the time the couple would have been landing four years ago to start their new life in Lanzarote.

Jen Ray & RioFamily camel rides

We reminisced about the early days of settling in, but what I really wanted to know was four years on, was living in Lanzarote everything they thought it was going to be?

One of Ray’s concerns had been if he would be comfortable working in the heat of the summer, thankfully it hasn’t really been an issue. He explained that when you’re working for yourself it’s easier to organise your day to suit, so the more labour intensive tasks are scheduled for the morning and the admin during the afternoon where possible. The first winter was more of a shock when the couple found that it was much cooler than they had thought. This wasn’t down to the weather, more the position of their house which only benefitted from the early morning sun and the communal swimming pool wasn’t directly accessible. It made all the difference when Ray & Jen moved to their second property, a villa with private garden and swimming pool where they could enjoy the sunshine all day long, what ever the time of year. Definitely a good reason to rent first rather than buying a property straight off when you first arrive.

Something they miss from their first location in Playa Blanca is the  read more »

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