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Our Lanzarote Information Podcast has been going for a few months now and we’re delighted that over 6,000 of you enjoy it, so we thought we’d try to add some more interesting discussions on there.

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We’re going to start with a Q and A session, which we will record next week. So let us have your burning questions about Lanzarote:  read more »

Lanzarote FAQ's

We love answering your questions on social media, on our website and via your emails. But it can take some time every day to do so!


To save us a little, we’ve put together this list of the questions we are asked most often, and we’ll add to it as more come up. If we’ve sent you a link to this page, it means the question you’ve asked is answered below. And remember, we have more than 6,000 articles on the website, so just use the search box at the top of every page if you want to find pretty much anything out about Lanzarote!

We’re coming to Lanzarote on <insert your dates>, what will the weather be like?

If you’re coming over in the next two weeks, all our weather forecasts are here:  Lanzarote Weather  read more »

Survey - Your thoughts and questions

On the survey we sent out to our subscribers we asked for any comments or suggestions about how we can improve Lanzarote Information. And as promised, here’s a selection, with some answers from me.

Between October and April there are about 60 000 Scandinavians on the island. Is there a chance for a Scandinavian column with news and especially What's on during those Scandi months?

We’d love to – can you recommend anyone to write a Scandi column?

I find the way the picture loads when a page opens rather annoying.

It can be annoying as many of our posts have a lot of images, and server load can be high at certain times. We’re always trying to balance quality against load speed – if you click the photos you’ll see they get much larger. We’ll try them a little smaller and see if that helps.

Info. on walks

Opinions on restaurants & bars
Links to English radio stations
An excellent site!!

Thanks! We already have all of those:

Restaurants and bars.  English radio stations.  Info on walks.  read more »

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If your question is about moving to Lanzarote, you should get a copy of The Camel Guide to Relocating to Lanzarote

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