Farmers Markets, Lanzarote

Cows in Lanzarote

The Ayuntamiento of Teguise, is working in conjunction with the Concejalía de Mercadillos Municipales to organise local markets for farmers to sell their fresh produce and animals without the need for an intermediary, the plan is to reduce the farmers selling costs and therefore they can offer the same goods for lower prices. Anyone interested needs to contact the Ayuntamiento of Teguise in the morning before the closing date of the 30th March. The farmers will then be visited to check that their premises and produce / animals are suitable to be approved in the scheme.  read more »

Eight Things to Remember When You Drive in Lanzarote

César Manrique, Tahiche Roundabout, Lanzarote

Let's have a lighthearted, but important look at 8 things to remember when you drive in Lanzarote:

We drive on the right!  read more »

Porsches in Arrecife

Porsches dock in Arrecife, Lanzarote

I couldn't believe my eyes today when driving through Arrecife I noticed a line of new cars at the docks, then realised they were Porsche Boxters! Wondering why and being incredibly nosey, I drove round to the docks and was stopped by a lovely security guard who was only too happy to have a chat and let me take a couple of photos. The cars are here for a promotion, weird as Lanzarote doesn't have a Porsche dealer but they are headed to the Hesperia hotel at Puerto Calero. There were 42 cars lined up, mainly the Porsche Boxter but also the Cayenne and a couple of 911s.

Irish Travel Industry Award for Lanzarote

Lanzarote Beaches

For the seventh year running, Lanzarote won a top prize in the Irish Travel Industries awards in Dublin. The prize was for the best "Sun and Sand" destination, and the island fought off strong competition from Portgual and Menorca.

Lanzarote is the largest holiday destination of all for the Irish market, and the numbers if Irish tourists coming to the island has been rising steadily for the last 7 years.

The award was made at the Holiday World Fair in Dublin, with the trophy being collected by minister of tourism Maria Jose Docal and tourist board director Hector Fernandez.

Television in Lanzarote


We're asked about television on the island often, so I thought I'd write a piece explaining how it works here for you.

Terrestrial Television
There are a dozen or so channels available free of charge through a normal aerial. These are from both local Canarian and national Spanish broadcasters, and offer the usual mix of drama, news, sport and documentary. Of course these channels are only available in Spanish.

Digital Terrestrial Television  read more »

The Fat One - El Gordo

The ultimate in lottery takes place this morning, El Gordo known as The Fat One will start to be drawn from 8:30am this morning. Each ticket is preprinted and has an allocated number, there is a flurry of sales as the tickets are released with families, companies, groups and even villages clubbing together to buy lucky numbers, the tickets are €200 each but are split into decimos so you can purchase a tenth of the number for €20. This is the biggest lottery in the world and the prizes are paid immediately tax free. Children from St.  read more »

The truth about the Lanzarote "Plane Crash"

There was a lot of hype about the Air Europa aircraft which almost slid off the runway at Lanzarote airport at the end of October.
The aircraft was inbound from Glasgow and was landing from the land end of the runway, due to unusual wind conditions. At this stage the cause is unknown, but essentially the aircraft landed too far down the runway. This may have been caused by a bird strike, or wind shear, or even pilot error, but all will be revealed after the investigation is concluded.  read more »


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