Is There A Market For An English Language Daily "Newspaper" In Lanzarote?

I was talking to a friend who is a local businessman the other day. He was telling me how frustrated he is that he can’t keep up with local news on the island, and that he gets lost in trying to understand the local Spanish newspapers. He’s convinced there’s a market in Lanzarote for an English language daily newspaper, aimed at English speaking people who live here or own property on the island.


Of course, Lanzarote Information isn’t the place for that. Although we do carry some “News,” our focus is read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 31

ASCAV outlines plans to contest new holiday letting law


ASCAV have announced a three step plan to try to get changes to the new letting decree, which became law this week. They are vowing to step up political pressure, to seek a judicial appeal and they have arranged for the case to be presented to the National Commission on Competition and Markets (CNMC) on 7th September.

First phase of Rubicon shopping centre completed


Centre Commercial Rubicon, which is the large shopping centre on the approach road to Marina Rubicon is currently undergoing a major refurbishment, ten years after it opened. The first phase, which includes a 1,000 M2 outdoor plaza, has been completed, and all the work will be finished in read more »

Consul raises Brit issues with new President of Canarian Islands Government

Consul raises Brit issues with new President

Charmaine Arbouin also urges residents to register with local authorities

Support for British residents and sustainable tourism topped the agenda during a recent meeting between the British Consul for the Canary Islands, Charmaine Arbouin, and newly-elected President of the Canarian Autonomous Government, Fernando Clavijo Batlle.

150726 Arbouin - Clavijo meeting

President Clavijo heard how the local British community, consulate, local authorities and charities work together to provide support for those in need.

The President also welcomed the consulate’s efforts to promote safety amongst tourists and residents, including initiatives to reduce the number of preventable drownings and lost passports.

For her part, Consul Charmaine Arbouin raised concerns about the impact of proposed tourism protection measures on British tourist interests on the islands.

She said: read more »

Arrivals & Occupancy Figures June 2015

We’re half way through the year and Lanzarote’s tourist figures are looking good, thanks to our loyal visitors predominantly from the UK & Ireland.

Playa del Reducto

The increase in arrivals looks set to continue for the second half of the year with a summer occupancy expected to reach over 90%, plus an influx of tourists to the Canaries who were originally destined for Tunisia.

Lanzarote Airport Arrivals


Arrecife airport received 199,782 tourists during the month of June, which is an increase of 3.78% compared to 2014. International tourists were up 7.5% accounting for 175,592 arrivals. Lanzarote received 10.1% more Irish tourists during the month (26,380 arrivals), British tourists were up by 4.8% (99,252 arrivals) and German 4.0% (20,055 arrivals) compared to June 2014. The source of this information is provided by Datos de Lanzarote and sourced by ISTAC & FRONTUR.

France is now the fourth most important market for Lanzarote tourism due to their large growth in volume, up by 60.6% compared to June last year, the island received 8,734 French tourists. Italy is also increasing their market share with a growth of 49% in June compared to the previous year. Visitors from Holland were down slightly with a drop of 2.8%, more worryingly the Polish market was down by 37.3%, one of the reasons given to explain this drop is the opening of more low cost routes from Poland to other islands. read more »

Lanzarote News Snippets - Week 30

Scuba Diving Centres Inspected


Guardia Civil carried out 14 inspection visits on dive centres in Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. Overall, they issued 28 complaints, 12 in Lanzarote, for various offences. One dive centre in Yaiza and one in Costa Teguise had their compressors sealed, as they didn’t have the relevant certification. read more »

Recycling In Lanzarote

Following on from Jules' recent article Squash 5 times more space, and my own blog entry of a couple of weeks ago A trip to the beach  I thought that I would add some information about the recycling system here on the island.

landfilll entrance

A little while ago I joined a very informative tour of the landfill site between San Bartolome and Tahiche. For those who've never driven past it, this is the processing centre, or final resting place for our read more »

SARA Lanzarote - Adoption and Neutering Campaign & Open Doors Day

It is nearly a year since I wrote about adopting a dog in Lanzarote and since then I have started to realise how serious the issue of abandoned animals, not only dogs but cats also, is in the island.

Sara 2014

SARA works very hard on a daily basis by giving educational talks in schools, informing the media, the public administrations and people in general while attending the many, many animals that pass through their doors every year.

In 2014 SARA attended a total of 1,326 animals. They took in 803 animals (507 dogs and 296 cats) whereas 742 adoptions took place (502 dogs and 240 cats). A total of 1,094 sterilisations  were done, out of which over 500 of them were stray cats.

This year, from January to June,  357 animals were taken in (201 dogs and 156 cats) with 334 have been adopted (209 dogs and 125 cats) and 569 sterilisations have been carried out.

As off the 30th of June, they gave shelter to 200 dogs and 182 cats, a total of 382 animals.

It needs to be pointed out that this year SARA has less read more »

New Attraction At Go Karting Lanzarote

We’re big fans of the Go Kart track at San Bartolomé – it’s an exciting and challenging circuit and they have fabulous karts, ranging from kid’s karts to twin-engined monsters that hit over 100KMH! Until now, the relaxation between races was limited to a bit to eat or a cool drink on the fabulous sun terrace there. But now there’s a new attraction up at the track – a 6D Cinema simulator!

Cine 6D

It’s a smaller version of the one at Marina Arrecife, but just as effective. Using 3D glasses, read more »

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