Are Alpharooms In Trouble?

Update 20th October at 16.30

Breaking news is that Alpharooms has been sold to Truly Travel, as suggested yesterday. Hopefully this will result in a cash injection which will result in any outstanding customer issues with non payment of hotel bills being resolved very quickly.

It looks like the company will no longer offer flight sales. Over the last few days all references to selling flights have been removed from their website. 

Truly Travel are London based and own Teletext Holidays.

You can read more details and some financial information here:  Travel Weekly Alpharooms

Update 19th October at 13:30

Reports have appeared on Spanish Tourism website that Alpharooms are in negotiations with London based Truly Travel. The report suggests Truly Travel have until noon tomorrow in order to agree a deal, which might explain the silence from Alpharooms.

It goes on to mention “payment difficulties” in recent months and suggests a capital injection would remove doubts about the business.  You can read the full article here:

Update 19th October 13:00

This is an update that isn’t really an update! There’s simply no information coming from Alpharooms, and they are not responding to press enquiries.
It appears they are no longer offering flights for sale on their website.

From reading social media comments, it seems that some people’s hotel bills have now been paid, but more and more are coming forward on Facebook and Twitter with the same problem. Somebody called “Jake” is responding to many Tweets, but nobody is responding on Facebook.

Many comments from disgruntled clients on their Facebook page have been deleted, and their last actual post on Facebook was on 17th October.
Their last Tweet (other than responding to people) was also on 17th October.

We’re aware that some hotels are telling their clients that Alpharooms have gone into liquidation.

Money Saving Expert published this:


So far, there has not been any kind of statement from the company apart from the one posted to Facebook on 17th October blaming a technical issue and suggesting bookings had been cancelled in error. Neither ABTA nor ATOL have issued any information.

The hope must be that it was indeed a technical issue, and that they are now busy making sure everyone’s hotel rooms are paid for. But with all the rumours online, and with so many disgruntled and worried customers shouting about their problems, I just cannot fathom why the company has not issued a clearly worded statement telling everyone what is happening.


Original Article

We’ve had news from Lanzarote visitors this evening that they arrived on the island today, having booked their stay with Alpharooms, only to be told their accommodation has not been paid for by the travel website.

Arrecife Beach 0  read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 41, 2016

Jet 2 Issues Again

Jet 2

A Jet 2 Boeing 757 bound for Lanzarote from Manchester had to circle over northern England to burn fuel before returning to Manchester with a technical issue. This if the 4th time in the last month that a Jet2 aircraft has had to return to base with a problem. The aircraft in this instance is 28 years old. The aircraft landed safely and passengers were transferred to another for their journey.  read more »

Monarch Licence Renewed

We wrote about Monarch’s recent financial difficulties recently.

Monarch Landing Lanzarote w640 h480 2 2

This morning news has come in that the airline and tour operator has secured an additional 165 Million GBP investment from majority shareholder Greybull Capital, and that the CAA has therefore renewed their ATOL licence for a further 12 months.  read more »

Green Homes Project Seeks Crowd Funding

I met with Christophe last week, who is running a project on the island called Green Casa. The objective is to build four genuinely “green” properties on the island, complete with electric cars, for holiday letting, and to fund the project using crowd funding, where investors become shareholders in the company and get a return via involvement in the company's development policy, a share of  the profits of the company, capital gains on their equity shares, discounts on the use of the properties and for residents in Spain a tax deduction of 20% of their investment .

Greeen Casa

The properties feature:  read more »

Brief News From Lanzarote - Week 41, 2016

Swimmer dies in Puerto del Carmen

Playa Chica 2

An Irishman drowned in Puerto del Carmen on the beach in front of Hotel Fariones last Saturday. Fellow bathers attempted CPR before an ambulance team took over, but they were unable to revive him. A reader who was there at the time contacted us with concerns about the speed of response and the lack of help from staff at the nearby hotel - we’re trying to find out more.  read more »

Tenerife Quakes - The Truth

Tenerife Cabildo has slammed the British tabloid press for their reporting of the mini quakes in the island.

DSC 0253

Typical of the headlines was the Daily Express with “Panic on Tenerife amid fears huge Mount Teide is about to blow!” The article was accompanied by an image of a volcano erupting and spewing lava and ash.

The Daily Star had “Brit Hols Volcano Ready to Blow” and again showed images of huge flames leaping from a volcano that clearly is not Teide.   read more »

Monarch Update - 12 Day Extension

Tour operator and airline Monarch came back from the brink late last night when they were granted a 12 day extension to their ATOL licence, which was due for renewal at midnight last night.

Monarch Landing Lanzarote w640 h480 2

The Civil Aviation Authority issued the following statement:  read more »

Lanzarote News in Brief - Week 40, 2016

Contract awarded to refurbish cycle way

Carril bici

The Cabildo has awarded a contract to refurbish the promenade and create a cycle path between Melia Salinas Hotel in Costa Teguise and the Port of Los Marmoles in Arrecife. The contract is worth €1.2 million and should take 7 months for completion.  read more »


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