Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 37

Motocross cancelled

Young Driver Killed

The Motocross event due to take place in Órzola this evening has been cancelled following the death of one of the participants during training. Jeffrey José Hernández, a 25 year old from Tinajo was practicing kart-cross in the Muñique area of Teguise when he suffered an accident at 20:00 last night. The young driver, was confirmed dead at the scene due to the severity of his injuries. The XI Encuentro Nocturno del Motor Circuito del Tope Órzola which is part of the Fiestas Santa Rosa de Lima programme, has been postponed in respect of the young driver. Our condolences to his family. read more »

Arrivals & Occupancy Figures July 2015

According to data from the Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE), Lanzarote was the tourist area that recorded the highest percentage of occupancy in the whole of Spain (90.6%) during July.

Playa Flamingo in Playa Blanca

Lanzarote received 199,217 foreign visitors during the month of July, which translates to 5,540 more passengers than July 2014 and an increase of 2.9%. In the first seven months of 2015, the island has received 1,252,685 foreign visitors, this is 47,728 (4%) more than in the same period of 2014.

Canary Islands

The Canaries maintained and slightly improved upon the number of foreign visitors during the first seven months of the year with read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 36

Children’s Art Exhibition In Barstro


Children from the summer camp in Playa Blanca have been creating art throughout the summer, and Barstro, the bistro restaurant in Nazaret, has agreed to exhibit their work through September and until the middle of November.

The opening night is next Tuesday 1st September from 1630 until 1800, where you’ll have a chance to meet some of the artists and their parents and see what they’ve been up to. Book now if you plan to stay there for a meal afterwards, as it’s likely read more »

Arrecife Trees

The Ayuntamiento of Arrecife have released images of foliage due to be planted along the new Avenida Marítima in the capital, following controversy after the existing trees were felled.

Arrecife 1

The council are keen to reassure residents and visitors that the vegetation will return once the work has finished.

The Zonas Comerciales Abiertas development along the seafront of the capital includes a large landscaping project. Species listed amongst the new vegetation include Laurel, Jacaranda, Royal Palm and read more »

Clampdown On Unlicensed Airport Pickups

Authorities are clamping down once again on unlicensed airport pickups. The targets are the people who make an income by charging for collections from and drop off to the airport, who:

Car read more »

  • Don’t have the necessary permits
  • Don’t have the correct insurance policy to cover everyone in the event of an accident
  • Don’t have their vehicle

Monster Radio Launching Soon In Lanzarote

We caught up with well known entertainer Dick Knowles last week to talk about his new project, Monster Radio.

Dick’s no stranger to the world of radio – he set up the island’s first English language radio station, UK Away FM, many years ago, and he has since worked for Power FM.


He’s absolutely passionate about radio, and he has set up Monster with the following aims: read more »

    Travel insurance: 1 in 5 British holidaymakers in Spain may be taking the "Getaway Gamble"

    The FCO reminds British nationals to travel insured as claims reach £370 million.


    With recent data from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) revealing that the average travel insurance medical claim rose by nearly 10% last year, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) is highlighting the risk of taking the ‘Getaway Gamble’ of travelling overseas without adequate insurance.

    In Spain, a survey of customers having to replace a lost or stolen passport while on holiday this summer indicates that as many as one in five were travelling uninsured. 

    Even in Europe, travelling abroad with inadequate cover can cost thousands if things go wrong – the average cost of a claim for medical expenses rose to £1,022 in 2014 (from £930 in 2013).  This contrasts sharply with the average cost of an annual travel insurance policy, which is £32.

    Rolling the dice, not hedging your bets and being left with a £1,022 bill is no way to start or end a holiday, especially when this pricey sum equates to:

    · A luxury cruise to the Caribbean

    · A week in four-star accommodation for two people in Lanzarote read more »

    Lanzarote News in Brief - Week 35

    Bad Weather Affects Canaries Airports


    Lightning strikes damaged radio navigation equipment at both Lanzarote and Tenerife North airports last week. The effect was worse at TFN, as the breakdown coincided with heavy fog, read more »

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