Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 5 2016

Football fans in fight at Deiland Centre

Deiland Ext 2

A fight erupted outside Deiland shopping centre last Saturday, between opposing players from Arrecife and Playa Honda. At one point a youth fired a BB pistol, which resulted in people outside the centre running into the building. In the rush, three people were injured and the automatic doors to the centre were damaged. The Guardia Civil are investigating and suggesting charges of disorderly conduct and a violation of the  read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week Five 2016

Two killed in a traffic accident in Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise Sign

A tragic accident which took place on a pedestrian crossing on the Avenida de Las Palmeras in Costa Teguise, Lanzarote at 21:44 on Thursday 4th February has claimed the lives of a man and woman.

The details according to the emergency 1-1-2 service confirm that the male died at the scene due to the nature of his injuries, and the female who suffered serious multiple injuries died of a cardiac arrest on transfer to Hospital José Molina Orosa in Arrecife. Neither person was carrying any identification, so more details as to their nationality and age are not available at this time.

Lancelot Digital are reporting that the the driver of the car who hit the couple, is a young Italian woman in her 20’s who tested positive for alcohol and was also thought to have been speeding at the time of the accident. The deceased couple are thought to be of Dutch nationality, it has not been established if they were on holiday or resident on the island.

Update: The 27 year old Italian driver will be appearing in Arrecife court no 3 on Thursday 11th January 2016, charged with gross negligence following the deaths of the elderly Dutch couple who were knocked down whilst crossing the road in Costa Teguise. The man and woman were using a pedestrian crossing between Los Molinos and Lanzarote Bay at the time of the accident, during their holiday in Lanzarote.

Hottest January for 55 years

Monumento al Campesino

The Canary Islands saw record temperatures reached on several occasions during January 2016. It feels like we’re in May/June rather than winter, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to cool off in February so far.  read more »

Shocking Attack In San Bartolome

Mystery still surrounds the shocking and isolated incident of a brutal attack on José Antonio Perera de León, a carpenter living in the La Florida area of San Bartolomé on Monday. The traumatic event has led to conflicting reports about the number of attackers who were involved and why they should have tortured the man to such an extent.  The intruders severely injured the man and caused significant damage to his home before stealing the family's car, which was later found abandoned in the Argana area of Arrecife.

La Florida

This violent incident happened at  read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week Three 2016

New Cycle Path For Playa Blanca

cycle way

Yaiza ayuntamiento has started work on a new cycle path at the entrance to Playa Blanca. It’s in the section that joins the industrial estate area to the windmill roundabout. Work includes cleaning up the surrounding land to “beauify” the entrance to the resort, which had the highest occupancy of official tourist beds in 2015.  read more »

Watching Television In Lanzarote

We don’t really watch television – aside from the odd programme which we watch on Netflix, TV doesn’t really feature much for us. But we know that many of our readers who are resident on the island want to stay up to date with television from their home countries. It used to be relatively easy – you had a big satellite dish fitted, and got the appropriate box, and away you went. But in recent years, the satellite companies have moved their footprint and made it pretty much impossible to successfully view foreign television in that way.

The answer these days is to watch television online. There are any number of “free” services you can use to stream TV, but they have two big issues for most people:

1/ The software keeps changing, which means you have to keep updating the computer or Android box to continue watching. It’s not just a time sink, for some people it’s beyond their IT skills.

2/ The quality and reliability are poor. At the end of the day, the TV companies don’t “give” their signal away free of charge. So most of the “free” streams are illegal – they basically rely on someone taking a legal satellite feed and then uploading it to a server. If they suffer a power cut, or flaky internet, the stream pixelates or crashes. The end users suffer at best a poor image and buffering and at worst, lose the channel altogether.

TV box  read more »

Beware The Scammers In Lanzarote

With two million people visiting the island each year, all with a bit of holiday spending money in their pockets, Lanzarote is bound to attract a few scammers and con artists. Unfortunately, some people become easy prey to these people – maybe being relaxed and on holiday means they’re not thinking as clearly as they would at home.

Apply a bit of common sense, and you won’t have a problem.

Here are three things to avoid:

Fake Charity Collectors

These people frequent bars and hotels, often pretending to be deaf and mute, and thrust a clipboard under your nose, asking you to sign up to join a charity and hand over €10 to support it. The deaf and mute thing is usually not true – it’s a handy way to avoid questions if you can’t communicate with them. This scam is quite well organised and appears to be controlled from Eastern Europe – Policia Local in Tias released information today, suggesting there is a group from Romania running this scam right now, and asking business owners and people approached by  read more »

Lanzarote Information On The Radio!

This Saturday 16th January, Miguel (Mike) makes his debut as a presenter on Monster Radio here in Lanzarote. In a regular monthly show, he’ll be sharing news from the island, playing music and interviewing other locals about their time and experience in Lanzarote. His guest on the first show is local restaurateur Benn Atkinson.


The show will run from 1100 until 1300, and you can listen on island on 89.1 and 106.3 or anywhere around the world here: Monster radio online player

Do tune in and enjoy what should be an interesting show,  read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week Two 2016

Mortgages On The Up


Figures up to the end of October show that mortgages to the value of 225.6 Million Euros were signed in Lanzarote during 2015 – more than double during the same period in 2014, and confirming that the property market is really getting moving again. Although this year will show the highest number of mortgages since 2009,  read more »

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