Lose Your Old Football Boots And Trainers For Charity

You can get rid of your old trainers or football boots, and help orphaned children in Gioto School in Kenya. The boots and shoes (all sizes please) will be sent to Kenya for the children to use. They have been running a program called “No school=no football” as a way to encourage the kids to attend school classes, giving them the education they deserve.

Trainers  read more »

Family Church moving to the Hotel San Antonio

The Family Church in Lanzarote will be holding services from their new location in Puerto del Carmen from the first week in October.

Church bells in Lanzarote

Members of this International Evangelical Church come from a range of denominations including Church of Scotland, Baptist and Pentecostal.

Sunday evening services will commence from the Hotel San Antonio on the Avenida de Las Playas by Playa Los Pocillos on Sunday 5th October 2014. The weekly service will be held in  read more »

Gay Airlines - The Fallout

We wrote about the whole Gay Airlines “scam” as soon as it came to light at the end of August. Today I met with  one of several unfortunate victims. He was hired by “Richard Essen” who we now know is Eduard Richard Streur, to work for the company that never actually existed. Attracted by a promised excellent salary and benefits package, he worked for six weeks without pay, and was instructed to give up his previous job to concentrate full time on the new position. Along with others, he was taken on by the company to look after all the entertainment for the planned influx of gay visitors being brought to the island on three privately chartered aircraft from the mainland of Europe. This included setting up a house band, and they even had conversations with Holly Johnson’s manager in the hope of landing him as the special celebrity entertainer for their arrival.


Eduard Richard Streur

He told me: “It all seemed so plausible at the beginning, and it was fabulous to be part of an exciting new venture, with a responsible job. Richard gave the appearance of being seriously rich, and talked often about moving €20 Million from Holland to a bank account here to fund everything.”

Several other people had been taken in similarly.  read more »

Summer 2014 Tourist Figures for Lanzarote

It’s been an incredible summer for Lanzarote, the island has reported the best tourism figures for the last decade.

Playa Dorada in Playa Blanca 

Airport Passenger Figures

Lanzarote’s Arrecife airport was listed as the 9th busiest in Spain with more than 3.95 million passengers arriving from January to August, it’s believed that the airport will move up to 8th position once the season in Ibiza finishes.

According to AENA (Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea) Lanzarote received 17.9% more foreign passengers than July 2013. The total number of visitors passing through Arrecife airport in July was 193,677 which is 29,398 more than during the same period the previous year. In the first seven months of 2014 the island has received 1,204,957 tourists, which is up 18.63%.

Deputy Minister for Turismo del Gobierno de Canarias, Ricardo Fernández de la Puente commented that the data “is meeting the expectation in arrivals of foreign visitors and that the islands are going to have a good summer without the evolution of peninsular tourism”.

The island received 190.928 foreign passengers during August, this is 21,272 more tourists than last year, equating to an increase of 12.54%. The year to date figures are up 17.75% compared to 2013 with 1,395,885 foreign passengers over the eight months from January to August.

Aeropuertos Españoles y Navegación Aérea (AENA) confirmed that the Canaries as a whole have received 12.7% more foreign tourists in August with 946,927 travellers arriving from outside of Spain. That’s 7,517,938 foreign passengers over the first eight months of the year.

Hotel Occupancy

July recorded the highest occupancy of tourists visiting Lanzarote so far this year  read more »

Spanish Courses For Beginners In Playa Blanca

Academia LILS are expanding their language courses to Playa Blanca this year with a new beginner’s course aimed at taking people from basic to conversational Spanish. The courses will be held at Sun Park in Playa Blanca, near to the Hotel Princesa Yaiza. 


If you’re a regular winter visitor to the island and have been frustrated at not  read more »

Fair Trade Shipping In The Canary Islands

The Canaries gained world significance in the 18th and 19th centuries, when nations began to trade using the great sailing ships of the time. Those ships used the trade winds to allow them to sail across The Atlantic and to The Caribbean, bringing them past the islands, and with many stopping here to take on water and supplies before heading across the great ocean. These days we continue to rely on shipping for almost everything we buy locally in Lanzarote.

Tres Hombres

Fair Transport Shipping are a Netherlands based company dedicated to continuing the tradition of sail-only powered ships, regularly trading around Europe, and visiting Africa, as well as The Canary Islands. Currently the company operates Tres Hombres and is actively restoring a second ship Nordlys IV.  read more »

4 Improvements for Playa Honda

For many tourists Playa Honda is simply where the airport is, for residents it’s a popular place to live with lots of amenities close by. Currently the residential and industrial areas of Playa Honda are being modernised and developed, here’s a summary of four projects that have either been recently completed or currently in progress.

Mercadona Supermarket


Work began at the end of August to start the construction of the Mercadona Supermarket in Playa Honda. This supermarket will be built within the industrial zone of Playa Honda, on the land identified as parcelas 60,61,63,71,72 & 73 which are situated behind the new Repsol petrol station. The third Mercandona supermarket will have a construction size of  3,238.58 m2 including 1,839.30 m open to the public for shopping and 205 car parking spaces, 7 of which will be adapted for less able shoppers.

Sports Centre


Interested companies have until the 9th of September to submit their bids to build the new Centro Deportivo de Playa Honda. The brand new sports facility will be  read more »

Gay Airlines Is A Total Scam

We were first contacted by Richard Essen back in April. He asked us for a meeting to discuss his business idea for bringing gay travellers to the island. We met with him in our office in Costa Teguise and he seemed plausible and very keen to help Lanzarote develop new tourist markets with the gay community in Europe.


We shared some of our contacts with him, told him we would help in any way we could and looked forward to working with him as he set his business up on the island.

Within a couple of days, we were inundated with emails from him with some very big ideas about creating a gay airline, with special airport check ins and bespoke “6 Star” accommodation on the island. He also copied me on emails where he had told people he was working in partnership with us through our sister website Gay Lanza.

Alarm bells started ringing for me at this stage – by now it was late April. Things just didn’t feel right, and each time I questioned Rich for more information about the business and the funding, I felt I was being fobbed off by him.

On 28th April I sent him an email telling him “…we have decided we don't want to go any further with you in your quest to create a new gay scene on the island.”  read more »

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