Tragedy In Arrieta - Mother And Children In Hospital

Tragedy struck in Arrieta this week in the early hours of the morning on the fiesta de San Juan. It is believed that a mother attacked her two children with a kitchen knife and then tried to kill herself. Neighbours raised the alarm after being alerted by screaming,  and police entered the property to find the children in one part of the house, and the mother bleeding severely from a stomach wound in another part.

Arrieta Beach 3

The children, aged 3 and 5,  are in hospital being treated for defensive wounds, and the mother, who is a Doctor, is in a coma in intensive care. The mother is a Spanish citizen, originally read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 26

Here are the short news stories from this week in Lanzarote

Teguise going for three blue flags


Teguise mayor Oswaldo Betancort announced a €300,000 per year investment in the municipality’s beaches, with the aim of attaining blue flag status for three of them. Las Cucharas beach in Costa Teguise now has safety personal based in the co-ordination post near the beach, and Famara has three lifeguards, a quad and a jet ski permanently based on the beach.

Feral cats taking a toll on wildlife


Around 1,000 feral cats living in the central strip between Tao, Tinajo read more »

Competition: Win 2 Lanzarote Skyride Tickets

The Cine6D located in Marina Lanzarote is great fun and definitely worth visiting during a tour of the capital. We have 2 tickets for their Skyride attraction, which is a virtual tour of Lanzarote, to give away to one of our lucky readers.


To enter the competition, all you need to do is tell us where the following photo has been taken in Lanzarote. read more »

The New Holiday Letting Law For The Canaries - The Facts

Debate is raging all over the internet in relation to the new letting law, which comes into force across The Canaries on 24th July. There is a petition against it, and ASCAV are lobbying hard to have one key aspect of the new law changed. Much of the debate is based on incorrect information, and this article is about correcting the myths, and answering publicly many of the questions we are being asked in private.

There’s no bias here, we simply want to report the current situation, without drama and sticking to the facts.


What’s changed for existing property owners who rent their properties without a tourist licence?

Actually, very little! Since the mid 90’s, it has been illegal for property owners to holiday let their properties in The Canaries without a tourist licence. For many years, it has also been impossible to apply for a new tourist licence. Those who have been holiday letting their properties without a tourist licence have been breaking the law.

The only read more »

Arrivals & Occupancy Figures May 2015

The Canaries registered a new record for the number of foreign tourists arriving across the seven islands in May. The foreign passenger figure of 802,034 is a 4.83% increase compared to the same month last year.

Los Fariones Hotel

The Ministry of Tourism for the Canary Islands reported a total of 4,868,711 foreign passengers during the first five months of 2015. This is a historical record based on data provided from AENA, with 8,502 more foreign passengers passing through the airports from January to May 2015 and an increase of 0.17% compared to the same period in 2014. >

Lanzarote Airport Arrivals

Lanzarote reported the biggest increase in tourist arrivals (173,692) out of all the islands in May 2015, we received 18,802 more passengers than in May 2014, which is an increase of 12.14%. Tenerife reported a decrease of 0.78%, whilst Fuerteventura (6.34%) and Gran Canaria (5.02%) also recorded positive increases of foreign passengers compared to last year.

Looking at Lanzarote’s airport arrival figures by nationality for read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 25

Catholic Church Stops Tourist Weddings


Catholic church weddings are no longer available in Lanzarote to people who don’t reside on the island. The Bishop of The Canary Islands has pronounced that “people should marry within their community,” and has decreed that these weddings must cease in 2016. He has also limited the number of weddings this year and to cancel some already booked, stating that Lanzarote, particularly has a “surplus demand” with over 100 tourist weddings per year, when priests should have a capacity of around 10 to 15.

French Hiker In Helicopter Rescue

Canasar search helicopter

A French female hiker suffered an accident whilst walking in read more »

What You Need To Do If You Want To Help Fight The New Holiday Letting Law In The Canary Islands

We attended an ASCAV (Asociación Canaria del Alquiler Vacacional) meeting this evening in Puerto del Carmen. We’ve already written about the new letting law, and we’ve given our opinion of why it’s a disaster. If you haven’t already done so, please read those two articles to get yourself up to speed.

Ascav members in Puerto del Carmen

From reading your comments on our website and  Facebook page and your emails to us, we know many of you either choose to stay in private rental accommodation here, or you own property in a resort area and would like to legally rent it out to tourists.

The meeting confirmed that the big change to the law was a complete surprise to everyone. At the last minute, and without any warning, the whole basis of the new legislation was changed to exclude properties in tourist areas. We’ve stated the reasons this could be a disaster for Lanzarote, but it actually goes deeper than that.

The law stops people from having the right to do what they want with their own properties-

Our view remains: Property owners should be able to read more »

A Heartwarming Lanzarote Story

I had an email this morning from a reader that warmed the cockles of my heart. I’ll let Tony Brouder, from Ireland, tell his own story:


“I receive your newsletter every week and love the articles you put into it.

I have been coming to the Island for the past six years, back in 2008 I had a operation where complications arose and I was left paralysed from the waist down. While this was and is a devastating thing to happen to anyone my philosophy has always been what's happened has happened and I can't turn the clock back so just deal with the hand I've been dealt. But one of the best experiences I do have is coming to Lanzarote once, sometimes twice a year depending on funds. With it's wide footpaths and access to everywhere I find it fantastic and can't praise it enough. I hire an electric scooter every time we come because I love to travel all around the place and find new things and places each time. I have hired a car a couple of times as Cabrera Medina have an adapted car with hand controls for the disabled and I have literally driven read more »

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