Norwegian Embassy Presents Books To Tias Ayuntamiento

The Norwegian Embassy to Spain will give the municipality of Tias a collection of Norwegian books, translated into Spanish on Thursday October 30 in Puerto del Carmen.


The Scandinavian community on Lanzarote is a very active group, and has been on the island for many years.

The first regular charter flights to Lanzarote came from Norway in 1975, and tourism from the region has grown steadily over the years. 7 % of all the tourists coming to Lanzarote last year came from the Nordic countries.

In 1989 the Norwegian Seamen's Church / Norwegian Church Abroad was established in Lanzarote, and is now  read more »

Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise in Lanzarote

The international organisation Greenpeace have sent one of their most emblematic ships to support the fight against the Repsol oil surveys in the Canary Islands.


Image: Wikipedia Salvatore Barbera from Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Arctic Sunrise in Libya

The Arctic Sunrise arrives in Lanzarote on Friday morning and will be here for the weekend, departing on Monday to visit Puerto del Rosario in Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria.

The Cabildo of Lanzarote encourage people to join them on  read more »

Cruise Season in Lanzarote 2014-15

The main cruise season has already started in Lanzarote with cruise ships & liners docking most days of the week.

Cruise ships in Arrecife LanzaroteQueen Mary 2 in Lanzarote

We’ve attached the cruise ship schedule from the Autoridad Portuaria de Las Palmas, which details the dates and times the cruises are due in Lanzarote, right through to the end of June 2015.

In summary, there are 30 cruise ships during November, 44 in December, 27 in January, 22 in February, 28 during March, 32 in April, tailing off for just 4 in May and 6 in June.

The AIDAstella & Thomson Majesty will both dock for Christmas Day, Arcadia is here on New Year’s Eve and the Norweigian Spirit & MSC Armonia will dock for New Year’s Day.

The Cunard Line ships are always a favourite to see in port, the Queen Victoria is due in Lanzarote three times on the 14th of November, 24th December & 15th of May. Queen Mary 2 is here on the 7th December and the Queen Elizabeth will be in Arrecife on the 29th December.

Regular cruise ships visiting Lanzarote this winter include:

Celebrity: Equinox, Eclipse & Constellation

Fred Olsen:  read more »

Lanzarote Featured In The Heart of the Sea Trailer

Lanzarote is featured in the trailer for the movie “In The Heart of the Sea” directed by Ron Howard, which is due to open in cinemas from the 13th March 2015.

This trailer released on the 16th of October, has an aerial shot of Alegranza, one of the islands off the north coast of Lanzarote, part of the Chinijo Archipelago and marine reserve of La Graciosa. The beach featured in the 3 minute clip is that of  read more »

Theme Costa Teguise Carnival 2015

Teguise council have launched a vote on their website to decide the theme of the next carnival in Costa Teguise.

Carnival in Costa TeguiseCarnival Costa Teguise

The choices are:

El Rey León – The Lion King

Selva Amazónica – Amazon Rainforest

Sueños de Oriente – Dreams of the Orient

El Tiempo (uso Horario) – The Time

EL Circo – The Circus

Años 70 – The 70’s

Fantasía del Bosque – Fantasy Forest

The vote is open until the 13th of November when the favourite theme, with the most votes out of the seven will be decided. If you’d like to participate, simply visit  read more »

Possible case of Ebola in Tenerife

A person who may be suffering from Ebola is currently in an isolation unit and under observation at the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria hospital in Tenerife.


Image: Oona Räisänen (Mysid) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The man who is considered “high risk” due to recently being in contact with those infected with Ebola in Sierra Leone, presently only has symptoms of a sore throat and a mild fever of 37.7º. It’s understood that he is a Cruz Roja nurse who left Sierra Leone on the 8th of October arriving in Tenerife on Sunday 12th October. The man was transferred to hospital along with his two house mates who are also under observation.

The hospital have carried out  read more »

No Eleanora's Falcon chicks survived this summer in Alegranza

It’s been a disastrous breeding season for the Eleanora’s Falcons in Alegranza, not one chick survived according to the biologists who have been monitoring the colony since 2006.

Eleanora's Falcon Chicks in AlegranzaEleanora Falcon

Photos: Courtesy of Lanzarote Active Club

Last Friday we went to a talk arranged by the Lanzarote Active Club and given by Dr Laura Gangoso at the Sands Beach Resort Hotel in Costa Teguise. We learned that of approximately 400 Eleanora’s Falcon chicks hatched on Alegranza this year, there were no survivors due to the phenology mismatch caused by a change in climate.

It’s understood that there are around 20,000 Eleanora’s Falcons in the world, of these approximately 18,000 migrate to the Mediterranean to breed. There are 285 breeding pairs of Eleanora’s Falcon in the Canary Islands, 135 of these migrate to Alegranza, 110 to Montaña Clara and 40 to the Roque del Este.

The biologists on Alegranza work with around 90 nests each year, collecting data by monitoring and tagging the birds. Each bird is given 2 tags, one metal and one plastic to identify them and a tiny blood sample is taken for analysis. There are 3 different colour morphs amongst the Eleanora’s Falcons, of the current population 70% are light, 29% medium and 1% dark. Some falcons breed in solidarity, other’s in a colony, there are benefits to both and a connection between the colour morph and nesting preference is being investigated, in Alegranza the nests are within 300m of each other.

With thanks to the advance of modern technology, we are starting to understand more about the migration route and breeding season of these birds. Originally it was thought that  read more »

Olive Oil Made in Lanzarote

The production of olive oil started in Lanzarote at the end of last month. Olives were already grown in the island, but until recently, the island farmers had to take their harvest to the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura for grinding and pressing.

Olive Press in LanzaroteOlives in Lanzarote

The Cabildo de Lanzarote has invested almost 83,000€ in purchasing and installing an oil press to avoid this. The machinery is now located in the “Granja Agrícola Experimental” (the island’s Experimental Agricultural Farm) in Tahiche.

This has been the final step to close the full cycle of the “El Olivar Ecológico” (The Ecological Olive Grove), a project that the island’s government started two years ago to support and encourage the growing of olives in the island. 

The objective of this project is to support the diversification of local crops and to be able to produce Virgin Olive Oil 100% in Lanzarote, with views to apply for a Lanzarote D.O. (“Denominación de Origen”, Origin Denomination) quality seal.

The Ecological Olive Grove project involves about  read more »

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