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Where does the early bird get his breakfast?

This week I’ve had time on my hands between the hours of 8am to 10am and found myself wandering through the resorts of Lanzarote. I thought I could have a breakfast somewhere picturing myself flicking through the newspaper with a good old fashioned English Breakfast and a mug of tea whilst I waited for ten o’clock.

I was sorely disappointed, almost all of the bars and restaurants are closed during this time! I settled for a coffee and a doughnut in a café but are we missing an opportunity?

I would like to have a quick survey!

If you own a bar or restaurant and offer a breakfast service – which bar / restaurant is it and what time do you start from?

If you eat breakfast out in Lanzarote – what time would you like to eat?

Answers in comments please below!  read more »

Sommelier, Playa Bastian Beach

After enjoying a scenic walk along the seafront promenade in Costa Teguise on Sunday afternoon we ended up at one of our favourite restaurants, Sommelier.

It is situated just behind the play park on the beach path which makes it a great venue for families. The major attraction for us here though is the fabulous Catalan inspired menu.

Sommelier Sommelier Team

It is really great to go somewhere regularly and still be inspired by their menu each time. The menu is changed frequently but there is always an interesting selection of fresh salads, stone baked meats, their specialty is lamb, and a great selection of tapas and dishes to share.

They also have a menu of torradas which are giant open sandwiches which are a complete meal in themselves.  A thick slice of bloomer loaf is grilled with olive oil and garlic and then topped with any of the ten or so fillings available. Goat’s cheese and roasted peppers, fillet steak with mushrooms, pork fillet, cream sauce and cheese, are some of the delicious options. Torradas are served with side salad or potatoes.

Sommelier Salad Sommelier Cheeses  read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review - Golden City Chinese Restaurant

There are a lot of Chinese restaurants in Lanzarote, some of them are excellent and others are mediocre. The Golden City found on the Avenida del Jablillo in Costa Teguise have set themselves apart from the rest by offering an all you can eat buffet but this one is fresh, exciting and only priced at an incredible €4.50 per person.

Play Area Golden City Chinese Restaurant

The restaurant is situated on the ground floor, there is a good sized shaded terrace outside and plenty of seating inside. One thing I don’t like is the PR person on the pavement but please don’t let this put you off, this restaurant really does not need advertising, all the residents know where to go for great value and good quality Chinese in Costa Teguise.

Just in front of the restaurant is a play park which is great for those families with kids as they can go and play once they’ve eaten whilst you go around again and even again, as much as you want to.  read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review - Leita de Proa, Arrecife

Leita de ProaWe’ve already written a couple of restaurant reviews in Arrecife. This restaurant is one of my daytime favourites here purely because of the location, they are situated overlooking the picturesque Charco de San Ginés and we’ve enjoyed a few drinks and meals with them over the years.

On my last visit we’d worked up a thirst whilst shopping in the capital, it was a lovely hot summers day and we found a table under a shady umbrella with a light sea breeze and ordered a glass of vino seco blanco whilst we selected our food.

Pescado a la plancha Ensalada Mixto

The restaurante doesn’t have tapas sized portions, so it’s difficult to order a selection to try however there is a good range of traditional Canarian food on the menu. We settled on an ensalada mixto, revuelto de championes and pescado a la plancha to share between us.  read more »

Top 10 Restaurants in Puerto del Carmen

According to the Trip Advisor website, these are the top ten restaurants recommended in the municipality of Tías, which covers the resort of Puerto del Carmen in Lanzarote:

Puerto_Bahia No 1 - Puerto Bahia (based on 17 reviews)

No 2 – Cafe del Carmen (based on 7 reviews)

No 3 – Antica Trattoria di Perona (based on 11 reviews)

No 4 – La Cabaña (based on 9 reviews)

No 5 – Maritoni (based on 8 reviews)

No 6 – La Cascada (based on 9 reviews)

No 7 – Grill La Brasa (based on 4 reviews)

No 8 -  Montmatre (based on 5 reviews)

No 9 – Restaurante Nippon (based on 3 reviews)

No 10 – El Ancla (based on 6 reviews)

You can see the results of the 124 restaurants and read the reviews here: Trip Advisor – Top Restaurants in Tías Lanzarote

I wasn’t sure I agreed with this and then found that there is also a top ten restaurants guide for the resort of Puerto del Carmen too!! Here are those results…….  read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review - La Cabaña, Macher

I can’t believe that we’ve never been to La Cabaña before. I’ve heard so many good things about the place, but somehow we just haven’t got around to making a booking.

Honey Roasted Duck Breast-r30

Well now we finally have, and you really should do the same!

La Cabaña is run by Debbie and Darren, a couple of Brit ex pats who have been on the island for around ten years. Debbie runs front of house, and Darren works alone in the kitchen.  read more »

August Special Offers, La Cabaña

La Cabaña in Mácher is a restaurant often listed in a top ten of favourite places to eat out in Lanzarote. Situated on the outskirts of Puerto del Carmen you need to drive or even better take a taxi to this location and we recommend that you book in advance. The restaurant is intimate, seating up to a maximum of 25 people and has an open kitchen so you can see Darren creating his masterpieces whilst Debbie attends to your every need. The menu has weekly specials as well as some of the regular’s favourites and you can expect some surprises such as Zebra which is hard to source on this island.  read more »

Tahíche Sociedad - CSC Santiago de Mayor

The Sociedad of Tahíche is situated in between the roads of Calle Miguel Hernandez and Calle Benito Perez Galdos in the centre plaza of Tahíche. There is a children’s play park, a skate park and Lucha Canaria sand ring right beside it.

Tahiche Sociedad Tahiche_Sociedad_Map

It was founded in 1979 and is the hub of village life especially around the time of the fiestas of Tahíche which are held from 10 - 26th July each year.

As with all the social clubs of the Island you can become a member or Socio to enjoy special privileges and responsibilities or use the club freely without joining.

The sociedad of Tahíche has a great bar and restaurant which opens everyday between Tuesday - Sunday from 10am until midnight.

It is ably run by José Luis who likes to practice his very good English. He told me his requirements for a sociedad are that it is a family based environment which everybody can enjoy, with economical prices for good food.

His menu is varied for tapas and full meals, with specialties of seafood and typical Canarian recipes always on the menu.  They also serve quick snacks such as toasties, steak sandwiches and burgers.

On Sundays they serve “Sancocho Canario” which is a traditional fish stew with potatoes.

The wine served is “Vino Casero”, homemade, Lanzarote local farmers wine, at 1€ per glass. A small beer is also 1€ with a large one priced at 1.50€. Coffees are, you’ve guessed it, 1€ too!  read more »


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