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Lanzarote Restaurant Review, Poppadom, Puerto del Carmen

Jules was attending an astronomy function in Puerto del Carmen, so I drove there with her and decided to take myself for a bite to eat along The Strip.


I had a notion that I wanted something quick and filling, and above all, not too expensive. So I parked the car at The San Antonio end of the Avenida and started a slow stroll to see what caught my eye.

It didn’t take me long to happen upon a curry restaurant I hadn’t seen before. Poppadom is set slightly back from the frontline shops, but is easily visible from the main road. They have a large menu board outside, and my first reaction was that the prices were very low.

I decided to give it a try. My expectations, if I’m honest, weren’t that high. As well as low pricing, I quickly realised I was the only person in the place!

However, even if they met the “quick” and “cheap” part of my criteria, it would do the job.

The menu is pretty much the standard “British” style of curry house, with all the old favourites you know and love from those places. I chose an Onion Bhaji starter and a Chicken Dansak main course, with pilau rice and a stuffed paratha. I did mention I was hungry, didn’t I?

The service from the young waiter was good – he seemed to be really enjoying serving me, and he was attentive and smiling throughout my stay. I was relieved when other people started to come in, and the restaurant began to fill up.  read more »

Something New On The Wine Shelves

We’re still enjoying a glass or two of the good value dry white wines I wrote about last year, which continue to be available in Lanzarote. This week however we tried something new as recommended by a friend, although he may not be speaking to us if you all rush out to buy this and we run out of stock!

Libalis by MaetierraLibalis 2011 Maetierra

Libalis 2011 by Maetierra is easy to spot amongst the wines on the shelf with it’s distinctive funky label, they’ve even included a  read more »

Gastronomy at the Castillo San José, 25th May - 3rd June 2012

The castle San José in Arrecife will be serving pinchos and tapas as part of the V Jornadas Gastronómicas de Lanzarote.


Five of Lanzarote’s hotel chefs will be preparing the dishes during the restaurant at the Museum of International Contemporary Art situated at Puerto Naos in Arrecife. The chef’s participating in this event include:

Laurent  read more »

Lanzarote Restaurante Review, Bar La Tegala

We’re lucky to have a great sociedad close by, the Centro Socio La Tegala is situated in the main plaza of Haría and the cultural centre for the pueblo.

Centro Cultural La TegalaBar La Tegala

Recently we set out one evening to eat at another one of our local restaurants, unfortunately the Puerta Verde was closed although Stuart did let us in for a drink or two whilst he was preparing to open the following day. We wandered around the corner into the plaza to the sociedad, the four of us really fancied eating fresh fish so ordered pescado frito with a portion of gambas al ajillo and croquetas de pescado to share as a starter.

Gambas al Ajillo Haria SociedadCroquetas Haria Sociedad

We had only just walked from  read more »

Lanzarote Recipes: Caramelos para La Noche de Los Reyes Magos

It’s not Christmas which is typically when these sweets are made by the children in the Canary Islands for the Kings on La Noche de Los Reyes Magos. We thought we’d share the recipe with you as they’re so easy to make and one you can enjoy at any time of the year.

Dulces de La Noche de Los Reyes Magos


300g crushed biscuits  read more »

Limanda in Lanzarote

We love eating fresh fish at our local restaurants and have started being more adventurous with cooking it at home. The problem with fresh fish is that we tend to shop once a week and don’t live near a fishmonger to buy the fish, on or near the day we want to eat it. Lately I’ve taken to shopping at AfricaMar, here we can buy freshly frozen fish which left to defrost naturally, I promise you won’t taste or notice a difference.

Limanda in Lanzarote

There are always different kinds of fish to find at AfricaMar, some are sold whole, others are cleaned or filleted and staff on hand to advise. A few weeks ago I bought Cantarero which was on offer, I even decided not to buy the cleaned scorpion fish which was double the price and learned how to gut it at home via a quick lesson on the internet. As I said we’re pushing our boundaries and becoming more adventurous, we then simply deep fried the Cantarero and it was just as delicious as the version we’d been served at a local restaurant in Arrieta.

This week I saw a Spanish couple getting excited over crates of a flat fish called Limanda which we would know as Dab. I hadn’t seen this fish here before and not wanting to miss out, purchased two of them which we ate last night. After a quick search on the internet for a recipe I found one called Limanda Limanda which was an adaptation of a Rick Stein recipe for lemon sole served with lemongrass butter. It was so simple, we had all the ingredients in and really tasty so if you want to try at home…….


2 limanda / dab or lemon sole (cleaned but left on the bone)  read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review, Paradise Beach

We happened upon the Paradise Beach Restaurante Grill Pizzeria by chance, out for the day we were in the Matagorda area at lunch time on Saturday.

Paradise Beach Restaurant MatagordaMatagorda Promenade

It wasn’t the big menu boards or the location that tempted us into this restaurant but the daily tapas specials board that gave a hint of something better than the average tourist food. It’s also worthy to mention that this restaurant does offer gluten free pizza and pasta for those requiring a special diet.


We ordered two large beers whilst studying the menu  read more »

Taste Lanzarote 13th - 22nd April 2012

The next of Lanzarote’s tasting weeks entitled Saborea Lanzarote de Los Granos y El Vino will be held from the 13th to 22nd April.


Los granos are the various grains grown on the island which includes lentils, peas, corn, grass peas, beans and chick peas. Before we explain where you can try local dishes using these grains here’s a few facts about these pulses in Lanzarote:

Lenteja / Lentil  read more »

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