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Lanzarote Coffee Culture

I was in the UK week before last and I visited a Costa Coffee shop.

While we were queuing for our drinks, the colleague I was with asked me if we had Costa Coffee or Starbucks in Lanzarote.


“No, neither.” I replied. 

“I bet you really miss the coffee culture in that case.” Said he.

“You may have the coffee, but we have the culture.” was my response.

Here in Lanzarote, coffee isn’t so much about the drink as the experience. You will never see people walking down the street drinking coffee from a cardboard cup. The cupholders in cars are never used for their design purpose – they’re useful for storing mobile phones and  read more »

5 Foods To Try In Lanzarote

Almost everyone who comes to the island has tried our famous local dishes like Canarian Potatoes or perhaps Estofado. But there are some things we eat here that you may not have tried, so here are some suggestions for you, and we’ve also suggested where to go for our favourite version:

Bocadillo de Pescado

Bocadillo Pescado Ginory


Yes, it’s a fish butty! Often served for breakfast, it consists of a thinly sliced fillet of white fish, which has been lightly coated in breadcrumbs and fried, then served in a bread roll, smothered with aioli (garlic mayonnaise.)

Our favourite place to eat these is at Bar Ginory in Arrecife, opposite the harbour and close to Charco san Gines. They use the freshest fish and cook them perfectly. We love having one there on a Saturday morning before going shopping.

Puntillas de Calamar


These are very small, whole baby squid, which are coated in a light batter and deep fried, then served with fresh lemon squeezed over  read more »

La Delicatezza Cocktail Bar

There’s something special about sipping a cocktail whilst on holiday and there’s no shortage of places available in Lanzarote to enjoy this pastime. However, there’s no place quite like La Delicatezza in Puerto del Carmen.

Anthony at La Delicatezza Cocktail Bar in LanzaroteHappy Birthday Mary

The cocktail bartenders at La Delicatezza love to surprise and delight, this isn’t just a drink, each cocktail is created with flair by Anthony and presented in style by Chris. If you’re looking for a  read more »

5 Special Occasions Restaurants in Playa Blanca

The holiday resort of Playa Blanca has some fantastic restaurants, it can be difficult deciding between them. We’ve selected the following five restaurants in Playa Blanca that we believe are the best to celebrate a special occasion at, for those times where you want great food, good service and a nice location.


Sebastyans Greek Restaurant

Sebastyan’s Greek Restaurant can be found at C.C. La Mulata between Playa Flamingo and the Lighthouse in Playa Blanca. This restaurant is lovely for a romantic meal and it has fabulous sea views from inside. Known for it’s excellent food and service, you need to book in advance for this restaurant. Combine a meal here with a cocktail at La Marea below for a perfect night out in Lanzarote.

 Read our review

Telephone: 928 349 679

La Chalanita

La Chalanita Restaurant in Playa Blanca

La Chalanita is situated on the Avenida Marítima promenade in the centre of Playa Blanca, the restaurant can also be accessed from  read more »

Congratulations to Chefs German Blanco & Mikel Otaegui

Lanzarote won three awards in the fourth edition of the regional competition Qué Bueno Canarias Heineken.

Que Bueno Canarias Heineken IV Premios 2014Que Bueno Nominations 2014

The award ceremony was held at the Hotel Europe Villa Cortés in Tenerife last month with Lanzarote taking three out of a possible thirteen awards in the Best of the Canaries categories.

Germán Blanco from La Tegala in Mácher was awarded the Best Chef in the Canaries

The Princesa Yaiza Hotel in Playa Blanca was awarded Best Hotel Gastronomy

Mikel Otaegui from Restaurant Naia in Arrecife won the Chef Revelation in the Canaries

The Cabildo congratulated the  read more »

Lanzarote Recipe - Chicken With Peppers

It’s one of the staple dishes you will see offered at traditional restaurants and one of our favourites! Pollo con Pimientos is a savoury dish, full of local flavour. It’s taken us some time to work out how to cook it authentically, but we think we’ve cracked it, so try our recipe out and let us know what you think!


Ingredients (To serve two)

500G chicken thighs off the bone (Breast will work, but has a little less flavour)

One onion

One large red pepper

4 cloves garlic

Olive oil

Paprika (If you can get smoked paprika or pimienton dulce, it’s even better)

White wine vinegar

Large handful of green Olives (seeded makes them easier to eat!)


Cut the chicken into small bite  read more »

Gold Medal for Bodegas La Grieta

We were delighted to hear that Bodegas La Grieta were awarded a Gold Medal at Terravino, the Mediterranean International Wine and Spirit Challenge.

Bodegas Malpais de MaguezBodegas La Grieta Punta Mujeres

This winery otherwise known as the Bodegas Malpais de Máguez is the only one producing wine in the north of Lanzarote with the D.O. Lanzarote brand. We had the opportunity to meet owner Ricardo last year during one of the Bodega Hopping Tours with the Lanzarote Active Club, he’s such a lovely guy!

This year’s Terravino competition included 448 samples of wines and spirits, 55% of the samples were from Israel, with the remainder entering from 29 other countries.

Ricardo’s vines are planted in  read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review - Fazz's Costa Teguise

You might remember we recently reviewed the set menu lunch at Fazz’s in Playa Blanca. We loved the food, but felt the service was average.

Fazz's Bar  Comfy Seating

We were recently out in Costa Teguise and looking for somewhere to eat when we spotted Fazz’s on the promenade there, so we headed inside for an evening meal.

This time both the food and the service were excellent!

The restaurant is a big one, with doors that open onto the beach prom, although they were closed at this time of year. There’s a huge central bar, with shelves that look as though they are bending under the weight of bottles, but we were assured they are meant to be like that! There’s a comfy seating area for people waiting for a table, and a raised dining section.  read more »


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