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Lanzarote Buses, Guaguas, Autobus

Lanzarote has a great bus service, especially linking the two resorts of Costa Teguise and Puerto del Carmen, the buses are cheap, clean, regular, air conditioned and easy to use. You can see the routes and timetable on the website then click lineas y horarios from the menu.  read more »

Running a Business in Lanzarote

Running a business in Lanzarote is pretty straightforward, although you do need to be sure that you have the necessary licenses to do so. An abogado (lawyer) or an asesoría (accountant) can do this for you. If you have business premises you will need to make sure you have a licence for those as well, this is called a Licencia de Apertura.

Your business can be run by you as a self employed person, in which case you will be trading as an individual, as a partnership or as a limited company.  read more »

Being Self Employed in Lanzarote

Being self employed in Lanzarote, or any part of Spain is not only easy, but also much more common than in other European countries.  read more »

Work Contracts in Lanzarote

Work contracts in Spain are sought after and provide strong protection for employees. You employer will pay your social security and is responsible for collecting your income tax before paying your net salary. Income tax rates are a maximum of 18%, but are often significantly lower depending on earnings, but you will be required to complete a tax return every year, and the good news is that you will usually get a rebate! It's recommended that you use the services of an Asesoría (an accountant) who will do your return for you.  read more »

Jobs in Lanzarote

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First let me give you the bad news: Getting a job in Lanzarote from abroad is pretty much impossible. You really need to be here to get work.  read more »

Getting married in Lanzarote

I can't think of a better place than Lanzarote to have your wedding. As a location it is within easy reach for friends and family to travel to, there is an abundance of accommodation for all budgets, there are lots of stunning locations available for your service and with the climate, you and your guests won't have to think about keeping warm and looking good for the photos on the day.  read more »


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