Tourist Survey Q4 2011

According to the latest survey released by the Cabildo, sun, beach and tranquility are the main reasons that tourists choose Lanzarote as the destination for their holiday. There’s some other interesting facts to come out of this information too such as the change in how people find out about Lanzarote and the type of holidays booked.


The information relates to tourists visiting the island from October to December 2011.

Tourists were asked to select up to three options as to why the visit Lanzarote, the top responses were:

94.9% weather / sunshine

45.7% tranquillity / relaxing  read more »

Autism on Holiday

It has been bothering me about how to approach the subject of Autism on holiday and it was while leafing through my latest copy of the National Autistic Society Magazine that inspiration struck.


If we learned the appropriate language response for saying “My child is not naughty, they have Autism” or similar our life would probably be a lot more simple when planning holidays.

How can we be expected to cope with other holiday makers staring at our children and local people tut-tutting us when our kids have a meltdown due to their routines being disturbed or the feel of sand in their toes?

So while planning a trip abroad with your ASD child in mind what should you consider?

Direct Holidays Cancel Flights From Cork To Lanzarote

It looks like holidaymakers from Cork will need to fly from Shannon or Dublin to connect with Lanzarote this summer.


Clients who have already booked their summer holidays departing from Cork have been offered the option of changing to fly from Shannon / Dublin or to cancel with a full refund. The letter received from Direct Holiday explained that they have cancelled all summer flights from Cork to Lanzarote due to lack of demand.

Of course being part of the Thomas Cook Group this  read more »

Hotel Review - Los Fariones, Puerto del Carmen

It’s not often we get to review hotels on the island, because we live here!

But last year we won a weekend stay at the Fariones as part of a swimming competition we entered, and we felt it would be a good opportunity to review Puerto del Carmen’s most famous hotel.

Restaurant Hotel Los Fariones  Swimming Pool Hotel Los Fariones

The Fariones was one of the first hotels in Lanzarote and it sits at the old town end of the famous “Strip.” It’s a four star establishment and it has had many famous visitors over the years – indeed we interviewed Bertie Ahern there many years ago, when he was serving as Ireland’s Prime Minister.  read more »

Ryanair Flight Sale

Ryanair have released one million seats for sale at £9.99 for travel on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in late February.

The flight price includes hand luggage, all taxes and fees. The Ryanair sale is available until midnight on Thursday 12th January 2012.  read more »

Holidays in Lanzarote 2012

Christmas is over, the sales have started, which must mean that it's time to start thinking about where you want to take your summer holiday this year.

Papagayo Beaches

If you've been to Lanzarote before, we hope to see you again soon, if not, have you considered the Canary Islands in Spain for your next holiday?

Booking early means that you have full choice of hotels, the best flight times, not to mention special offers such as free kids places or a discounted price.  read more »

Travelling to Lanzarote with Disabilities or Allergies

Travelling to Lanzarote with disabilities is not necessarily as hard as you may initially think.  For a start in spite of its rugged appearance most of the resorts are actually not too hilly with plenty of wide open plan promenades and ramps on the pavements and into the restaurants and cafes.

The main Promenade in Matagorda – Plenty of wide open space.For many people thinking about holidays with a disabled traveller it is really hard to imagine an adventure in a foreign country; however looking around Lanzarote it becomes apparent that a lot of thought and detail has gone into the planning of the resorts.

Take for instance Matagorda. Apart from it being my very favourite destination, it has a fabulous flat, open plan promenade stretching for miles and miles. It has in many places a straight ramp towards the beach and ramps into the majority of shops and supermarkets. With specific bike lanes marked clearly into the promenade, making walking around or a wheelchair really pleasant.

Most importantly though Matagorda has a dedicated apartment complex that is specifically geared for disabled travellers with complex needs, the Nautilus Apartments. They have fully adapted apartments, with hoists into the pools and ramps everywhere. They are also close to the beach and centrally located in the resort. The Beatriz Playa Hotel offer Adapted Rooms for disabled travellers too, and lifts to all floors.

Not only are there specifically catered apartments but the majority of complexes offer ramp access for mobility impaired travellers, but many offer marked steps and possible braille on the facilities for those who are visually impaired. Our daughter who is Lactose Free like me..

The last apartment complex we stayed at had a visually impaired couple staying with their guide dog. I am allergic to dogs myself, but he was so beautifully behaved, I couldn’t help but admire him from afar.

For travellers with specific dietary needs such as  read more »

Lanzarote in 96 Hours

We love this video!

We hope you enjoy watching this video of the landscapes in Lanzarote, filmed by Claire & Max who were here for just 4 days whilst on holiday from Paris in November 2011.

We just had to share it!


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