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Bono Guagua Discount Increases

Lanzarote Bus Route Map Great news for those of you who use our local Arrecife Bus public transport service, the bono card discount has been approved by the Comisión de Transportes at the Cabildo de Lanzarote to increase to 30%. The discount was approved up to 25% in November and the 30% level just needs ratifying at the next plenary session of the Corporación.

The Cabildo justified the increase in discount to help families in hardship but it also coincides with the obligatory annual update of tariffs in January according to the rate of IPC. The minimum ticket which covers 12 km was €1.20 will increase to €1.30 this month.

The bono cards can be bought in denominations of 12 and 22 Euros from the bus station, bus driver and ticket machines are due to be installed in each municipality. The bono tickets apply to journeys on the inter urban lines between towns and not the circular lines within.

New Bus Line

There was also an announcement this week that a new bus route  read more »

Enduroman Festival of Triathlon, Playa Blanca, 5th & 6th February 2011

Most people connected to Lanzarote will have heard of the gruelling Ironman triathlon held each May but new for this year is the even harder Enduroman event.

Enduroman Lanzarote  2011The first Enduroman Festival of Triathlon will be held in Playa Blanca on the 5th and 6th February 2011, there are four different races included for athletes to compete in.

Double Enduroman: swim 4.8 miles / 7.6 km, bike 224 miles / 360 km & run 52 miles / 84.39 km.

Enduroman Lanzarote: swim 2.4 miles / 3.8 km, bike 112 miles / 180 km & run 26 miles / 10.2 km / 42.195 km.

Half Enduroman Lanzarote: swim 1.2 miles / 1.9 km, bike 56 miles / 90 km & run 13 miles / 21 km

Olympic Enduroman Lanzarote: with swim of 1.5 km, bike 40km and run 10.2km.

Each level has a different start time on Saturday 5th February and varying time allowed to finish the races.

Double Enduroman: 08:00 Saturday – 00:00 Sunday (40 hours)  read more »

Fiestas de Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria, Tabayesco, 21st January - 30th January 2011

The party has already started in Tabayesco for the Fiestas de Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria but there is time to join in next weekend’s events.Carrera Popular Tabayesco

The group Raices & Ramas from Yé are putting on a theatre show “La vida sigue” on Friday, there is a party fiesta with Trío Doramas on Saturday and a run on Sunday.


Viernes 28 de enero / Friday 28th January

20.00 Sorteo y comienzo del “Campeonato Masculino de Bolas”. (Bowling competition)

20.30 Teatro a cargo del grupo Raíces y Ramas de Yé con la obra “La vida sigue”. (Theatre show)

Sábado 29 de enero / Saturday 29th January

19.00 Exhibición de Bailes. (Dancing exhibition)  read more »

Lanzarote Football, CD Corralejo 2 Lanzarote 2

10th January 2011

corralejo ud lanzarote 090111 Four minutes into injury time and with Lanzarote coming from behind to be 1-2 in front, the Majoreras (Fuerteventurians) stuck to their guns and with the Refs whistle in his mouth somehow fired in a dramatic late equalizer.

Only three minutes of the game had passed before the home team had found the net. A free kick from Yeray Hernández was forced home by striker Héctor giving the early advantage to the Majoreras.

The Conejeros (Lanzarotians) had been taken by surprise  read more »

Coffee & Cake, Gran Hotel in Arrecife

I was out with a friend this week and we wanted to stop somewhere in Arrecife for a cappucino and a slice of cake before visiting the Castillo San José art museum. We did what many people on a luxury holiday to Lanzarote do.
View Gran Hotel Stars City Bar

We decided to visit the café bar on the 17th floor of the Gran Hotel called Star’s City which is open to non hotel guests. We took the right hand lift from reception which takes you direct to this floor, the door opens on the other side to the one you enter so turn around to face the back when you get in. The bar is on the right as you exit, there are two parts, the first looks more out to sea, the second has panoramic views from the beach, over Arrecife and out to the port Puerto Naos.  read more »

Have You Been To Zumba?

The first Zumba class held on the 11th January was a huge success with close to 100 ladies attending the opening night!

Zumba Lanzarote Instructor Lesley has been amazed by the response, the class sizes have only dipped slightly since to an average of 80 plus which proves Lanzarote was ready to zumba. If you haven’t been yet you really should go along, there are ladies all ages from teenagers to pensioners and all sizes attending, plus a few guys who’ve heard about these fun exercise classes.

Lesley even had an unexpected surprise last week with Niko a famous Zumba instructor turning up to join in her class. Niko was in Lanzarote on holiday, he teaches zumba all over the world and has danced alongside the creator Beto. After the class Niko’s comment on Lesley’s facebook page was:


Fiestas de La Candelaria y San Blas, 22nd January - 5th February 2011

It’s fiesta time in Tías!

They are celebrating the Fiestas de la Candelaria y San Blas, the full programme of events are below which start from this weekend through to the 5th February 2011.  The celebrations include theatre shows, concerts, motor racing and more:

Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria Sábado 22 Enero / Friday 22nd January

20:30 - 22:00 Pregón de las Fiestas de La Candelaria y San Blas, a cargo de D. Juan Cruz Sepúlveda y a continuación actuación del grupo "Everett" de Barcelona. Teatro Municipal de Tías. (Opening of the fiesta followed by a performance from the group Everett from Barcelona at the municipal theatre in Tías)

Lunes 24 Enero / Monday 24th January

17:00 Comienzo del Taller de Tiro con Arco, en la Plaza el Pavón de Tías, organizado por la Escuela Municipal de Tiro con Arco. (Free archery lessons at the el Pavón in Tías)  read more »

Nightlife, 20th - 23rd January 2011

Here’s our nightlife guide as to what’s on in the pubs, clubs and other events this weekend across Lanzarote.

Puerto del Carmen:

928 Dance Club 22 Jan

Venue: 928 Dance Club, Avenida de Las Playas, Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

Date: Saturday 22nd January 2011

Details: Tribute to Pacha Ibiza House World Tour. With Miguel Garji, Alex Kentucky and Coco Go Loco.

Bahia Sala de Fiestas

Venue:  read more »

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