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Lanzarote Football, Las Zocas 1 Lanzarote 2

21st February 2011

Once again U.D Lanzarote swap places with Las Palmas B to and replace them as league leaders following their third consecutive away win against Tenerife side, Las Zocas.team las zocas200211

The game began at a slow pace with the local side defending and with Lanzarote dominating possession in midfield. In the 19th minute Lanzarote opened the scoring. Javi Betancort robbed the home side of possession in the centre and fed striker Yaco who made no mistake beating goalkeeper Dani to send the visitors 0-1 up.

Less than a minute later and Toñito had a fantastic opportunity to double his sides lead but his shot fell straight into the arms of the Las Zocas keeper. Gradually the home side began to control their nerves but it was the Rojillos who controlled possession and looked the more threatening but were unable to extend on their lead in the remainder of the first half.

Las Zocas did pose more of a threat in  read more »

Carnival Explained

Carnival is celebrated in the 40 days leading up to lent, the dates are set during February and March according to Easter.

The masquerade balls are full of bright costumes, tons of body paint and a time to relax, party and have fun. The celebrations start a week before the procession with pasacalle where groups parade around the streets creating an upbeat lively atmosphere. Sounds of salsa and the beat of batucada drums can be heard in the distance as they throng their way through the streets.

Each carnival has a queen and a drag queen elected in the week prior to the procession. Men take the opportunity during carnival to dress as women, complete with boobs, wigs,  stockings and full gaudy makeup. Carnival is about disguise, everyone is in costume so join in, the bolder and louder the better. The costumes and accessories aren’t expensive and are available locally or you can improvise and create your own.



The batucada bands provide the sound for carnival, they use a selection of drums, tambourines, bells and whistles to create a rhythm which is fast and repetitive. The groups practise all year round and can be found at events throughout the island. Batucada really gets into your soul during carnival – as you get close to the drums you can feel the vibration through your body, and you can’t help but start to move to the rhythm.

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Beach Clean Up, Las Coloradas, Playa Blanca, 27th February 2011

We’ve had beach clean up’s before in Lanzarote but this is the first time I’ve seen one for Playa Blanca.

Playa Los Coloradas

Volunteers are requested to join a party to clean the beach of Playa de Las Coloradas on Sunday 27th February 2011. The clean up will be from 11:00 to 14:30. As before the organisers would like to invite children as well as adults to participate, it’s a great way to send the right message to our children, not to leave rubbish on the beach and the dangers it poses for local sealife.

The meeting point is the Sports Bar in the Centro Comercial El Pueblo at 11:00, children should be accompanied by an adult.

Volunteers will be given gloves to wear and a rubbish sack to fill up!

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How to get a Market Stall in Lanzarote

The markets in Lanzarote are popular with both residents and tourists, it’s not surprising that we’re often asked how do you apply for a market stall. As we haven’t had one ourselves, we enlisted the help of Len and Joan who have a hand crafted wood stall called Wood Art by Leo.

Below is a guide to the documents required, the process and contacts for market stalls in Teguise and Haría as well as obtaining an Artesanía creditation.

Documents required for a market stall application

Residencia card / certificate

Empadronamiento certificate

Two passport / residencia photos


Photos of goods for sale

Take the originals of above plus two photocopies of each document.

Application Process For Teguise Market

Wood Art by Leo at Teguise Market The Sunday market in Teguise is open from 09:00 – 14:00.

The Teguise market office is on Calle José Betancort 2, La Villa de Teguise.

The office hours are from Tuesday to Friday 17:00 – 20:00 and Sunday 08:00 – 14:00.

Contact: Suso (who doesn’t speak English)

Telephone: 928 845 317

Email: mercadillo@teguise.es

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Teenagers Surf Competition

Circuito de Surf y Bodyboarding Octopus 2011

The third edition of the surf competition Circuito de Surf y Bodyboard starts during March at San Juan, Lanzarote.

The event is being organised by Club Octopus in conjunction with the sports department of the Ayuntamiento de Teguise and colaboration with the Federación Canaria de Surf. Subscription has opened with limited places for young surfers in the Canary Islands.

The categories are:

Bodyboard: open, dropknee and sub 14

Surf: open and sub 16

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Arrecife Ring Road Works Commence

The president of the Canarian Goverment, Paulino Rivero laid the first stone for the work to extend the lanes on the Circunvalación (ring road) in Arrecife on Saturday 19th February 2011. Transport Infrastructure Lanzarote The work will be completed by Acciona Infraestructuras, Lanzagrava and Hormigones Insulares, the project is expected to take 30 months to complete and cost 30 million Euros.

Sixty three fincas were expropriated in order to expand the road from a single to dual lane carriageway in each direction which cost 7 million Euros. From 150 to 200 unemployed people will be selected to work on the construction over the thirty months until the completion, towards the end of 2013.

The Circunvalación is the LZ-3 and skirts  read more »

Walk The Malpaso Way in Haria

I’ve been itching to walk up this path again over the last week or two as I can see all the wild flowers are blooming when I drive over the top from Haria to Teguise or vice versa.

On Sunday we set out from the village towards the sports stadium, to find this road, find the Ayuntamiento building, on the right by the library is a route map for walks, turn left along this street called César Manrique. The road leads up to the school and football stadium, on the way you pass César Manrique's house where he retired to, this is now open daily for visitors.

Cesar Manrique House Dirt Track Left of Stadium

When the tarmac road turns right to go past the stadium, continue straight ahead joining the dirt track towards the mirador.  Shortly you will come across a signpost, take the lane to the right and walk up through the fields until you meet the road.

Signpost Malpaso Fields in flower

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Animal Crematorium in Lanzarote

Lanzarote will be the first of the Canary Islands to install an animal crematorium.Paw Print

The crematorium should be operational in May 2011 and based at the Complejo Ambiental in Zonzamas, Arrecife. Previously all animals were buried in a common grave at Zonzamas, the new plant will take farm animals, animals killed in road accidents and owners pets. Just over 50 tonnes of animal carcasses were recorded at Zonzamas in 2009.

It was also announced that pet owners, if they wish  read more »

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