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Agua Clara, Commercial Clients

We’ve already written about fitting a water filter into your home in Lanzarote to provide clean, nice tasting water to drink straight from the tap – now there is a filter system for commercials.

Agua Clara Coffee Machine 

Two businesses in Playa Blanca  read more »

Lanzarote Unemployment Figures Falling

According to the latest figures released from the Centro de Datos at the Cabildo, the official unemployed figure is now the lowest recorded since February 2009.

people  read more »

Nautical Days in Marina Rubicón, May 2011

There are four different events included in the 5th edition of the Jornadas Naúticas (Nautical Days) in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote throughout the month of May.

Marina Rubicón V Jornadas Naúticas 

The first of the regattas is the Vela Ligera (sailing dinghy) on the 7th  read more »

Centro Comercial Arrecife

We lived in Arrecife for a year, just around the corner from the shopping centre C. C. Arrecife which is situated on the Rambla Medular opposite the Ciudad Deportiva football ground and Estación de Guagua (bus station).

Centro Comercial Arrecife El Mercado de Arrecife

Over the past year the centre has been going through a phase of refurbishment, there is still one area closed off inside. Outside the empty plots of land have been built into an underground car park, shops and apartments, there is a pedestrian street and the whole area has a new, up market feel to it.

Centro Comercial Arrecife Pedestrian Party Fiesta

We parked in  read more »

Festival of Young Soloists, Convento Santo Domingo, 6th May 2011

The Festival de Jóvenes Solistas will be held this Friday 6th May in the Convento Santo Domingo, La Villa de Teguise.

Festival_Jóvenes_Solistas  read more »

Roadworks in Puerto del Carmen, May 2011

There are a few sections of road works in the resort of Puerto del Carmen at the moment. The work isn’t really causing any traffic problems, more of a disruption for local businesses and pedestrians in the immediate areas.

Calle Anzuelo

Work was started on Calle Anzuelo  read more »

Camel House Concert Programme 2011

The programme of forthcoming events from the Camel House Concerts in Lanzarote is currently scheduled as the following for the remainder of 2011. This year the Camel House has partnered with Bodegas Stratvs to showcase these talented artists from two locations in Lanzarote.

June 2011 – The Young Musicians (piano, trombone & violin)

CHC_24_June_2011 CHC_25th_June_2011

The young musicians are  read more »

Restoration of El Almacén

César Manrique’s El Almacén building in Arrecife, Lanzarote is due to be restored with a project value of €265,000.

El Almacén

The word Almacén translates to warehouse, this property is actually two 19th century houses that are situated in the centre of Arrecife on  read more »

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