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Aemet Lanzarote 4 day forecast

Staying in Puerto del Carmen? This book is a great guide to Puerto del Carmen: The Camel Guide to Puerto del Carmen and Tias

Which Lanzarote Resort Should I Stay In?

“I am coming to Lanzarote for the first time – which resort should I stay in?”

This is a question I am asked a lot, each of the three resorts in Lanzarote are very different from each other. It’s hard to know where to start as all the resorts are loved by the full range of visitors from teenagers, families, couples, sports enthusiasts and pensioners.

Puerto del Carmen

This book is a great guide to Puerto del Carmen: The Camel Guide to Puerto del Carmen and Tias

Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen Puerto del Carmen is Lanzarote’s original resort and closest to Arrecife Airport. What started out life as a small fishing village called La Tiñosa now stretches for 6km along the coast with natural golden sandy beaches.

Puerto del Carmen is probably best known for it’s lively nightlife, just ask for Centro Atlantico which is situated on the main avenida opposite Playa Grande for a plethora of pubs, nightclubs, disco pubs etc.  Don’t let this put you off though, there is much more to this resort than dancing the night away.

You will always find sports enthusiasts swimming, running or cycling along “The Strip”  read more »

AccuWeather, Lanzarote 15 Day Forecast

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Canarias7, Canary Islands Weather Forecast

Live Weather Report, Lanzarote



This live weather report is brought to you by a private weather station situated at La Concha (in between Playa Honda and Arrecife) and courtesy of  Lanzarote Webcam.

Lanzarote Average Annual Weather Charts

Lanzarote has a lovely all year round climate, the temperature chart below shows the average minimum and maximum temperatures for each month, in the coldest months of January and February the temp can drop to 14 degrees over night and up to 22 in the day, in the hottest months July through to September, the evening temperatures are 20 degrees celsius and the daytime an average of 29 but can reach into the 40’s.

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Lanzarote_Average_Temperature_Chart  read more »

Lanzarote Wine Run Holiday Offer

One of the best mid summer events in Lanzarote is the wine run and gastronomy fair which takes place on the 13th & 14th of June this year.

Lanzarote Wine RunWine Run Lanzarote

The wine run attracts over a thousand athletes and walkers of all abilities plus foodies who can enjoy a fantastic range of food and wine during the weekend. The finish line and food fair will be in Uga for 2015 and the start in Mancha Blanca, as the course alternates in direction each year.

The Lanzarote Wine Run has a long course of 23km for runners, plus a short course of 10km for runners and trekkers. The trail run is set in the beautiful wine region of Lanzarote and the wineries have aid stations including wine & water along the route. It’s a special event with a great atmosphere and definitely an excellent excuse to visit Lanzarote during June.

Offers from UK departing London Gatwick on Thursday 11th June for 7 nights

Hyde Park Lane Bungalow3* Self catering bungalows:

THB Corbeta in Playa Blanca 1 bedroom bungalow self catering £321.77 per person (pp)

Hyde Park Lane in Puerto del Carmen 1 bedroom bungalow self catering £324.53 pp

4* Bed & Breakfast hotels:

Los Fariones in Puerto del Carmen double room with sea view bed & breakfast £446.15 pp  read more »

Spanish Bank Account Blocked

If your Spanish bank doesn’t have a digital copy of your identification on file, your bank account is likely to be blocked from the 1st May 2015.


You may have noticed the queues lengthening in the local banks recently as worried residents pop into their branches to check if they will be affected by this legislation. The deadline for banks to collect and digitalise current identification documents for all account holders is the 30th April 2015.

This is all part of the money laundering legislation Ley 10/2010 de 28 abril which was introduced back in 2010, lenders had five years in which to contact their clients and request an up to date copy of their identification documents. For company bank accounts additional paperwork is required regarding your commercial activities to prove you are not funding terrorism or money laundering.

This situation is a potential problem for any non-residents with a Spanish bank account who aren’t due to visit Spain within the next three months and  read more »

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