Lanzarote Weather: July 2015

July was an average of 2 degrees hotter than normal with a slightly stronger wind and more hours of sunshine in Lanzarote and the Canary Islands this year, according to the analysis released by the Agencia Estatal de Meteorología.

Playa Las Cucharas

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1/7 Sunny on the east & south coast of Lanzarote including Arrecife, Puerto del Carmen & Playa Blanca. Partially cloudy inland, north & west coast of Lanzarote clearing for a sunny afternoon. A north wind 15-25km/h gusts up to 40km/h in the south. 26 degrees.

2/7 Mainly sunny with some cloudy intervals in the holiday resorts of Lanzarote today, cloudy in the municipalities of Haría & Tinajo in the north & west of the island. North / north east wind 20-25km/h gusts up to 45 km/h. 27 degrees  read more »

Lanzarote News In Brief - Week 32

Arrecife Transformation – Work Starting


Approval has been given for the first phase of work on the transformation of the island’s capital. The first works to be completed will be the pedestrianisation of the waterfront area around Real Club Nautico. This will create a new 8000 square metre commercial area, with easy access for pedestrians and those with limited mobility. Future phases will join up the area as far as the Marina, making Arrecife waterfront much more interesting for tourists and cruise ship visitors.

Zapatero Chooses Lanzarote For Holiday


Ex President of Spain, José Luis Zapatero has returned to Lanzarote for his summer holiday this year.  read more »

Lanzarote Information Sangria Recipe

Every restaurant on the island seems to have a different Sangria recipe ranging from watery fruit juice to a “blow your head off” concoction with Cointreau thrown into the mix. And in between, there are several really excellent varieties of the drink, which has become synonymous with enjoyment in the sunshine.

Here’s our version – we’re not saying it’s any better than anyone else's, but we like it and we’ve spent a few years diligently researching to get it to our taste!



A bottle of red wine. Quite obviously a Spanish wine, we generally go for  read more »

Big Wave In Playa Blanca

A freak wave was captured on video in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote on Saturday 1st August 2015.

Fred Olsen Express Ferry Playa Blanca

The wave seen in this video was created when the Bocayna Express ferry run by Fred Olsen was manoeuvring to enter the harbour in Playa Blanca during high tide at midday on Saturday.  read more »

Riding An E-Bike In Lanzarote

Over the weekend we experienced E-Bikes for the first time, and they’re a brilliant way to get around the island! We’ve teamed up with E-Bike Lanzarote to offer you a choice of various guided tours you can do on these clever machines, and you can also hire the bikes to use for your own trips.


But let’s start by explaining what they are:

How E-Bikes Work

Don’t confuse these with electric bikes, where you press a button and they go. These are much more sophisticated – the motor assists you to pedal normally. Think of it like the power steering on your car – you still turn the wheel, but the electric motor or hydraulics make it easier for you, and that’s exactly what happens on an E-Bike. The motor senses how hard you’re working, and provides assistance to make it easier for you. It means you’re still getting exercise, but the motor is always making life easier for you. It’s especially  read more »

South Tour

Escape the tourist resorts and discover the beautiful island of Lanzarote during your holiday.

The South Tour of Lanzarote is a full day out and includes a visit to the islands top attraction of the Timanfaya National Park where you can feel the heat of a volcano and ride a camel.

Montañas del Fuego

Discover how the six year long volcanic eruption from 1730 to 1736 shaped the island of Lanzarote and listen to excerpts from the local priest’s diary to understand what life was like for the islanders.

Geyser Timanfaya

Watch the fire and water demonstrations which prove the heat just under the Islote de Hilario and see a giant BBQ cooking chicken and sausages on the volcano.  read more »

Lanzarote Airport - Directions To Playa Blanca

Exit the airport following the signs out of the car park, and you’ll take the third exit (salida) on the roundabout by the petrol station.  read more »

English cinema in Lanzarote 3rd & 6th August 2015

The only movie in English next week is the newly introduced "Ant-Man" which will be shown in 2D at 19:40 on Monday the 3rd and Thursday the 6th of August at Multicines Atlántida in Arrecife:

Ant-Man Cinema Lanzarote

Armed with a super-suit with the astonishing ability to shrink in scale but increase in strength, cat burglar Scott Lang (played by  read more »

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