A Night At The Opera, 14th & 16th July 2011

Maestro Music Management held a series of successful concerts under the canopy at Puerto Calero in Lanzarote last year, they have just announced two dates for July.  read more »

Lanzarote Weather May

In summary the month of May has been warm and grey in Lanzarote.

Playa del Ancla in Costa Teguise The 1st of May arrived with a yellow alert for rain and strong gusts of wind in high areas.

A Calima started on the 11th May which brought spectacular lightening shows and thunder storms from the Thursday to Sunday. Despite the thunder it didn’t really clear the air, the weather continued hot and muggy through to the 19th of May when it rained.

The wind started to gain strength  read more »

Closing Down Sale, The Barge Inn

The Barge Inn British Bar and Restaurant in Puerto del Carmen is closing at the weekend.

closing down sale  read more »

Lose Yourself in Los Pocillos...

In the Oxford Dictionary world of only nouns, Los Pocillos would be defined as “The sprawling, atmospheric, open and airy neighbourhood, perched neatly between Matagorda and Puerto del Carmen.” Pronounced “Pos-sea-os” for us Anglo speakers, the area consists of about 1.5km of promenade, a ‘ginormous’ beach (which we are even underplaying at that) and some great bars and cafes. In fact, it would actually be a safe assumption to say that most tourists may not realise they are staying or passing through in the area, as it is so often viewed as an extension of the main Avenida stemming from Puerto del Carmen - but where is the harm in that!? It’s perfectly fine as long as you don’t miss out on the wonderful pockets of charm to be found in this invigorating gateway. For those in the know, the title of this article may seem a little ironic. With the aforementioned beach – one of the widest on the island - and open roads equipped with a generous promenade, getting lost in Los Pocillos may not exactly be the easiest thing to do; especially if you are on the lam. However, we are going to try and help you do just that...

San_Antonio_Pool_Area Upon entering Los Pocillos from either direction, you will find two Hotels guarding the invisible doorways. The San Antonio sits closest to Puerto del Carmen with the Los Jameos Playa tickling the ribs of nearby Matagorda on the far side. It is this, latter hotel, which truly shines as a beacon of all things Lanzarote. This four star hotel is noted for so many things, knowing where to begin is a hardship in itself. Renowned dining and superlative staff are both worth a generous mention, but it is also the decor of this grand hotel which stands out. Decorated in typical Canarian fashion, the hotel creates an easy air of history, rustic charm and warmth. The interior was designed by two of the late César Manriques’ students. Many will already know César as the forefather of much of Lanzarote’s architecture and essentially creating the island landscape we know of today. This great man is at the heart of so many of Lanzarote’s focal points, and to get the chance to stay in a glorious hotel linked with his special touch is a real treat. For those  read more »

Lanzarote Tourism Promotion Plan 2011

The Patronato de Turismo del Cabildo and the Sociedad de Promoción Exterior de Lanzarote (SPEL) presented their Promotional and Tourism Plan for 2011 to the hotel industry on the 1st June.

Promotional Plan 2011

The meeting was held at the Hesperia Hotel in Puerto Calero and attended by 50 representatives. Minister for Tourism in Lanzarote, Carmen Gonzalez and Héctor Fernández the manager from SPEL explained the details of a plan that has among its guidelines, the objectives of improving Lanzarote’s product diversification, intensification of promotional campaigns in source markets with a special focus on online marketing and presence in social networks as well as the support for increased air connectivity of the island.  read more »

La Graciosa To Become Green

The Cabildo of Lanzarote have signed an agreement to convert the island of La Graciosa to become self sufficient in energy.


The goal is for La Graciosa to be able to end their dependency on fossil fuels currently provided from Lanzarote by creating their own renewable energy supply  read more »

PWA World Cup, Costa Teguise, 30th June - 3rd July 2011

The Professional Windsurfing Association (PWA) have announced confirmation of the 2011 Lanzarote Freestyle World Cup event which will take place in Costa Teguise from the 30th June to 3rd July.

PWA_Lanzarote_2011 World_Tour_PWA

In a change from previous years  read more »

Mountain Bike Race El Pajaron, 12th June 2011

The Mountain Bike Race, I Marcha Cicloturista MTB “El Pajaron” Haria 2011 will be held in Lanzarote on Sunday 12th June 2011.

MTB ride 12 June

This bike race is part of the San Juan fiestas held in Haría during the month of June and in memoriam of Sergio Mendez. The course has been designed to cover some beautiful and different landscapes of Lanzarote  read more »

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