Teenagers Surf Competition

Circuito de Surf y Bodyboarding Octopus 2011

The third edition of the surf competition Circuito de Surf y Bodyboard starts during March at San Juan, Lanzarote.

The event is being organised by Club Octopus in conjunction with the sports department of the Ayuntamiento de Teguise and colaboration with the Federación Canaria de Surf. Subscription has opened with limited places for young surfers in the Canary Islands.

The categories are:

Bodyboard: open, dropknee and sub 14

Surf: open and sub 16

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Arrecife Ring Road Works Commence

The president of the Canarian Goverment, Paulino Rivero laid the first stone for the work to extend the lanes on the Circunvalación (ring road) in Arrecife on Saturday 19th February 2011. Transport Infrastructure Lanzarote The work will be completed by Acciona Infraestructuras, Lanzagrava and Hormigones Insulares, the project is expected to take 30 months to complete and cost 30 million Euros.

Sixty three fincas were expropriated in order to expand the road from a single to dual lane carriageway in each direction which cost 7 million Euros. From 150 to 200 unemployed people will be selected to work on the construction over the thirty months until the completion, towards the end of 2013.

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Walk The Malpaso Way in Haria

I’ve been itching to walk up this path again over the last week or two as I can see all the wild flowers are blooming when I drive over the top from Haria to Teguise or vice versa.

On Sunday we set out from the village towards the sports stadium, to find this road, find the Ayuntamiento building, on the right by the library is a route map for walks, turn left along this street called César Manrique. The road leads up to the school and football stadium, on the way you pass César Manrique's house where he retired to, this is now open daily for visitors.

Cesar Manrique House Dirt Track Left of Stadium

When the tarmac road turns right to go past the stadium, continue straight ahead joining the dirt track towards the mirador.  Shortly you will come across a signpost, take the lane to the right and walk up through the fields until you meet the road.

Signpost Malpaso Fields in flower

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Animal Crematorium in Lanzarote

Lanzarote will be the first of the Canary Islands to install an animal crematorium.Paw Print

The crematorium should be operational in May 2011 and based at the Complejo Ambiental in Zonzamas, Arrecife. Previously all animals were buried in a common grave at Zonzamas, the new plant will take farm animals, animals killed in road accidents and owners pets. Just over 50 tonnes of animal carcasses were recorded at Zonzamas in 2009.

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International Day Of Tourist Guides, 21st February 2011

Monday 21st February is the International day of tourism guides (Día Internacional del Guía de Turismo).Kisok Arrecife

The Reserva de Biosfera de Lanzarote is marking the day with events from Parque José Ramírez Cerda along the waterfront of Arrecife. The Biosfera has teamed up the the Asociación de Guías de Turismo de Lanzarote known as APIT and the Turismo del Cabildo for the following programme from 09:00 – 14:00 which includes 3 different guided walks through Arrecife.

9:00 The president from APIT will open the day with the mayor of Arrecife / La Presidenta de APIT de Lanzarote, María Dolores Fernández da paso al alcalde de Arrecife, Cándido Reguera, para que abra la Jornada y las actividades que están programadas para este día.  read more »

Find The Leprechaun Dive, 19th March 2011

Following on from the successful Santas go diving in December, there will be a fancy dress dive to find the leprechaun as part of the St Patrick’s week celebrations in Lanzarote.Impresión de fax de página completa

The dive will take place in Puerto del Carmen on Saturday 19th March and is raising funds for project A.W.A.R.E. The dive will be an easy and fun dive, suitable for all levels of diving certification, there will be prizes for the best dressed and who ever finds the leprechaun.

10:00 Divers registration

10:30 The leprechaun arrives and dive briefing.

11:00 Dive to find the leprechaun

Spectators are encouraged to dress up and come along to join in the fun.

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LanSKArote Life

The Skatoons are without a doubt the most well known live act on the Island, they put on an incredibly energetic, effervescent show and have a solid base of loyal fans.

Their line up has changed a number of times over the years; currently they are onto their 3rd bass player, 3rd sax man and 2nd percussionist!

The four original members are Chris Ashley on keys and trumpet, who formed the band with first bass player Bob Ashton back in 2004, Tony Riccardi on guitar and vocals who is a full time musician playing solo gigs without backing tracks, Max Crane the power house on drums who is also a noted local DJ, and Shimmy “Ska Daddy”, lead vocalist.

The band will undergo a major change again later this year when their front man Shimmy heads off to Australia with his family, it’s going to take somebody very special to replace this irreplaceable bloke!

Percussion, backing vocals and harmonica are played by Gary Miller, surfer, telly man and general all round dude.

Sax player Clint Duffy joined the band following a chance meeting with Chris after not playing sax for 24 years; he likens his adventures with the band to a rollercoaster ride.

Derek Brown, who plays bass, first saw the Skatoons at a wedding in 2004, loved their energy and was delighted to join the line up in summer 2010

The band is now an eight piece, with the recent addition of Louis Gill on trombone and percussion.

When I gathered a bit of information from each of the guys it struck me that between them they have lived on the island a total of 113 years!

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Nightlife 18th - 20th February 2011

The weekly nightlife guide as to what’s on in the pubs, clubs and other events this weekend across Lanzarote.

La Geria:

Flamenco 20.2.2011

Venue: El Chupadero, La Geria 3, Yaiza, Lanzarote

Date: Sunday 20th February 2011

Time: 20:00

Details: Flamenco with Antonio de la Rosa (guitarra), Eva Aroca (voz), Laura Herédia (baile) & Raúl Cañizares (baile) 

Playa Blanca:

Madonna Party

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