Slalom Motor Racing in Tinajo, 12th May 2012

Twenty rally teams will be racing in the Slalom Isla de Lanzarote in Tinajo tomorrow.


The Federación Interinsular de Automovilismo de Las Palmas have organised the Slalom event on Saturday 12th May. The pre race verification will be held in the village of La Santa between 10:00 and 11:30  before race start at 12:00.

The 4.5km stage is situated between  read more »

Lanzarote Football, CD Laguna 1 UD Lanzarote 2

6th May 2012

The Rojillos have done all they can. An eleven point gap to the playoffs has now been reduced to one following eight home wins and two consecutive victories on the road however their destiny for a place in the Third tier of Spanish football is still out of their hands.

060512 UD Lanzarote

The Rojillos rivals battling for the final playoff spot are CD Vera. The Tenerife side scored two late goals against Corralejo therefore they will go into the final match of the season knowing that a win would clinch that fourth spot.

CD Vera will be at home on the final day but they will have to earn their points. They will be up against the league´s in form side Las Palmas B who have already guaranteed their place in the playoffs. The Gran Canarian side will be looking for a good result so to go into the playoffs with a positive frame of mind. There is never any love lost between Gran Canarian and Tenerife sides which can only favour Lanzarote.

The Rojillos will also go into the final league game of the season with a home match. They will be facing CF Estrella. The Gran Canarian side led the league table at Christmas but have only won once since the 12th February. Lanzarote will be expected to secure their ninth consecutive home win this Sunday.

This game had the intensity of a cup match. CD Laguna were fighting for their lives just  read more »

Lanzarote Nightlife 10th - 13th May 2012

Here’s our weekly nightlife guide as to what’s on in the pubs, clubs and other events this weekend across the island of Lanzarote.

We’ve already posted about the Sonidos Líquidos event with Ciempiés ni Cabeza at Bodegas El Grifo this Sunday, the Festival MUSICACT at the castle in Arrecife on Saturday and  folklore concert at the Timple Museum on Friday.

La Geria:

El Chupadero

Venue: El Chupadero, Ctra. La Geria – Uga, Lanzarote

Date: Sunday 13th May 2012

Time: 20:00

Details: Bossa Pop with Desirée Artiles (voice) and Gianni Andreola (piano).

Alexis Lemes Stratvs

Venue: Bodega Stratvs, La Geria, Lanzarote

Date: Saturday 12th May 2012

Time: 20:30

Details: The first of three concerts with timplista Alexis Lemes. Tickets are €8 and available from the BP petrol station on the circunvalación in Arrecife or at the bodega. There will be wine and cheese tasting in the interval.




Venue:  read more »

Lanzarote Car Hire For May 2012

Are you one of the thousands descending on the island for our biggest sporting event in a couple of weeks?


Hiring a car means you’ll be in charge of your own destiny getting away from the airport and back to it and it also means:  read more »

  • You can get out and explore the bike course before the event
  • Your friends and family will be mobile while you’re training or competing

Congratulations José Carlos!

It’s official, a conejero will be running in the London Olympics.


José Carlos Hernández has been selected to represent Spain for the marathon in the Olympic Games 2012.  José Carlos is not just a quick runner, but he’s a great guy too.

I had the pleasure of training with José during a series of sessions held at Sands Beach Resort in Costa Teguise prior to the Lanzarote Marathon last year, he’s always wearing a great big smile as well as his running kit.  The Cabildo of Lanzarote as  read more »

Bring me sunshine!

So it’s been made official. What we have all known for years (but felt too worried about skin cancer to say) – we need sunshine and too little of it can lead to illness, depression and disease.

Sunshine in Lanzarote

In an interesting article in The Guardian recently, the details of a recent study were examined and the conclusions are that the UK and other northern countries get too little sunlight and so people make too little vitamin D and this affects their health in surprising ways. When you look at the people who flock to Lanzarote on holiday and who come to live here, it’s not surprising that so many are from the UK, Ireland, Germany and Scandinavia where the winters are cold, long and dark and where the summers can be miserable and disappointing too. I’ve always known I wanted to live in a hot climate. I just feel my spirits lifted every day by the sunshine. The positive effect of our wonderful Canary Islands’ climate is a definite selling point for the many who come to enjoy its sunshine.

The Guardian article made a point I’d not seen made before. It said that the white skin of northerners (the northern hemisphere not people in Liverpool!) is almost certainly there to help us absorb more sunlight – when it does come out! As we all  read more »


Lanzarote is known for its unusual landscapes and I recently had the pleasure of "discovering" a new one, well, at least new to me. It's called "Mataburros" which translates as "donkeys killer" or "kill the donkeys", depending on the version. It's located on the hilly road from Guatiza to Teguise, before arriving to Teseguite.

MataburrosMataburros 2

It doesn't sound very appealing and I found different explanation about the origin of this name. It's known that islanders used donkeys in the past as  read more »

Sports Massages in Lanzarote

With Ironman Lanzarote rapidly approaching it’s not surprising that Angie Appleton from Holistic Therapies in Costa Teguise has a range of sports massages available for her treatment of the month.

Runner icon

These three sports massages are designed for athletes to have in advance of training or an event, they are all pre-sport muscle conditioning massages.

Muscle Conditioning Massage

A relaxing full body aromatherapy  read more »


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