Sailing with Catlanza

We couldn’t think of a better way to start our Christmas holiday than to go sailing with Catlanza on Christmas Eve.

Catlanza Catamaran Catlanza Fernan

The Catlanza catamaran is moored in the exclusive marina Puerto Calero, we arrived in good time to collect our boarding cards from the office before we met up with the rest of the party. Owner, Roisin was there to personally wish everyone a good trip and Chloe captured the moment with small group photos before we took our places for the safety briefing.

We were introduced to our crew for the day there was Francis our captain, Roberto our chef, Ferran our jet ski pilot, Dietmar and Karl who were our guides. Karl is excellent, he has this way of presenting what could be a boring but necessary safety briefing in a very entertaining way, there was lots of laughs and clapping during his presentation!

Puerto Calero Santa Powerboat

We all made ourselves comfortable, slipped the mooring and motored into open water where to our surprise Santa appeared on a powerboat circling the yacht. He had a sack full of presents for all the kids, a great photo opportunity for the mums and dads whilst they sat on his knee. There were three birthdays being celebrated on board too – Josh (5) and Grace (1) are brother and sister amazingly they share the same birthday on Christmas Eve 4 years apart! There was also Emma who was celebrating her 18th and was presented with a bottle of champagne.

Santa Roisin Karl Santa Time

The main sail was hoisted and we sailed South along  read more »

Didicar- Our top toy this Christmas

Its my didicar Even though Santa brought all kinds of electronic wizardry, telephones and hair implements this year our four year olds’ big present topped the lot.

Didicar is a small plastic based car which looks at first glance like a simple sit and ride toddler toy, but it is so much more than that.

The science behind it dictates that the energy used in the side to side steering motion is converted to a forward going action by the law of gravity. It has no motor, no batteries or pedals. You just put your feet up and wiggle the steering wheel.

There are four wheels; the steering wheel is directly over the front ones with a couple of additional stabilizer wheels underneath which means it really does turn on a sixpence. The back two wheels mean that it is virtually impossible to fall off or over balance.

When the steering wheel is turned a full 180 degrees the car goes in reverse and so changes direction.

Mum on didicar Didicar Christmas

Here in Lanzarote we really do have the ideal Didicar conditions with our tiled floor houses and patios and that is really where the fun in this toy is found. It is just such fun to drive around the house with such ease.

It is so sturdy it can take up to 120kg, that’s nearly 17 stone but the simple action is so intuitive you really don’t need any instructions for use.

We let our four year old have a go and then  read more »

Muestra de Cine Europeo, Cueva de los Verdes, 7th January 2011

“Copie Conforme" will be shown at the auditorium of the Cueva de los Verdes at 20:30h. The movie is the opening show of a monthly program and will be introduced by Olga Correas, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and cinema programmer.

Muestra de Cine Europeo Certified Copy

This French drama is written and directed by Abbas Kiarostami and stars Juliette Binoche, who was awarded the Cannes 2010 Golden Palm for Best Actress.

It tells the story of a middle-aged English writer meets a French woman who leads him to the village of Lucignano in Tuscany where he is promoting his latest book.

Admission is free and tickets can be collected from  read more »

El Chupadero, La Geria

The finca and bodega El Chupadero in La Geria is a lovely place to chill out, it’s just oozing with character. 

El Chupadero Outside area

Situated just off the beaten track towards the Uga end of the road that runs through La Geria, El Chupadero offers a selection of Vinos y Tapas. We attended a private function recently and the team of staff were superb on the night, we were served huge steaks, chicken, sausages, ribs and langostinos from the barbeque and a delightful range of salads, dips and sauces with hunks of fresh bread.

Dining Table Aljibe  read more »

Santa Claus And Lanzarote

Way back in 2008, when Lanzarote Information was new and nobody was reading it, I was lucky enough to secure an interview with Santa Claus himself!

Santa Hat  read more »

Rastro Market, Playa Honda, Every Saturday

RASTRO Playa Honda A Rastro Market is like a car boot sale, it has second hand goods as well as new ones so the stalls can be really interesting.

There is a Rastro Market situated along the promenade in Playa Honda every Saturday which makes for a lovely stroll along the sea front. There are lots of lovely tapas bars along the front where you can stop for a coffee and cake or tapa or two.

Open: 10:00 – 14:00

Streets: Avenida de Playa Honda & Calle Princesa Ico

Organised: Ayuntamiento de San Bartolomé

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Saborea Arrecife

Have you seen a copy of the gastronomy book Saborea Arrecife?

saborea Arrecife The pocket sized culinary book was announced in November 2010 and includes 73 different establishments in Arrecife, 35,000 copies were to be distributed by the Ayuntamiento de Arrecife around the tourist information offices and places of interest. The aim of the guide was to open up the Lanzarote’s capital to tourists so that they would visit Arrecife to try the range of food and drink available at our local cafeterías, bares, restaurantes and tabernas.

The guide included some of our local institutions like Bar Enrique  read more »

Lanzarote Attractions

Here is our list of things to do and places to go in Lanzarote!

Seven Official Attractions

Centros de Arte, Cultura y Turismo

Mirador del Río Mirador del Río

The Mirador del Río visitor centre has been built into the top of the magnificent Risco de Famara cliffs close to the village of Yé on the Northern tip of Lanzarote. When you arrive all you can see is the stunning coast road leading off to the left and a semi circular building made from traditional stone walls at the rear of the car park. You can always find great flight deals via Expedia


Cueva de Los Verdes Cueva de Los Verdes

A visit to the Cueva de Los Verdes is a chance to go underground and take a guided walk along a 1km section of a lava tunnel. This tunnel system was a refuge for lanzaroteños during the pirate attacks, there is a well kept surprise too. The cave also includes a natural auditorium there are a range of concerts performed in this location through the year.


Jameos del Agua Jameos del Agua

The Jameos del Agua was the first site to be created by César Manrique as a cultural centre in Lanzarote which opened back in 1966 and is part of the volcanic tunnel formed with the eruption of the Volcán de la Corona. The Túnel de la Atlántida stretches from la Corona to the sea a distance of 6 km in length and one of the longest tunnels of its kind in the world. Its name “Jameo” refers  read more »

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