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Maternity And Paternity Leave In Lanzarote

Mercadona Baby Section April 2016 dz

Following on from my previous article on registering a new born baby in the Spanish system, another important thing to do is to organise your maternity or paternity leave. Both I and my fiancée are employed by other people, so I know how it works from that perspective, but I'm afraid I can´t explain how to do it if you are self-employed. read more »

Registering A Birth In Lanzarote

Centro de Salud in Playa Blanca

Our guest writer Stuart has some news!

read more »

The Lion King Came To Lanzarote!

Well... almost.

Within minutes of hearing the radio advert, I was buying tickets online. Having recently spoken about the idea of a trip to Madrid to see The Lion King on stage, this seemed to be one of those great coincidences, arriving at just the right time. I didn't even know San Bartolomé had a theatre!

Lion King

There were a number of read more »

Surfing In Lanzarote

So last weekend saw the return of the annual ´fiesta´ to La Santa. A celebration of the Virgen del Carmen fills this normally quiet little village with people, cars, hot dog stalls and loud music. It looks like they're all having a great time, but for those of us who enjoy the calm refuge of our own homes, and the possibility of sleep before 4am, it's a bit much! I might feel differently if it was live rock music, but I'm afraid that the playlist just wasn't my cup of tea. This year, we managed to escape and spend the nights well out of earshot. These two nights in July are the only two nights of the year when I don't appreciate living in La Santa, but it's a small price to pay.


Being less of a night owl, and more of an early bird, I seek out my fun during the daylight hours. read more »

Lanzarote Walks - Famara

If you're a fan of hiking, and you fancy a change from the many volcanic trails of the island, pack your rucksack and head to Famara. Better known for its beach, surfing and kite-surfing, a number of trails lead out from this little hippy town.


Head south (with the sea on your right hand side), keeping close to the shore, and you'll find a sandy trail that takes you approximately twelve very quiet kilometres to the tiny village of Caleta de Caballo. The terrain is slightly undulating with no real difficulties, and the sound of the waves will be your constant, and probably only, companion. Along the way are numerous branches in the path leading inland and eventually back to the main road (turn left and follow down hill to Famara). Be sure to take plenty of water, snacks and sun cream however as there is nowhere to refuel along the way. Caleta de Caballo has no shops or amenities of any kind (earning itself the nickname 'Ghost Town') however, only a few hundred metres beyond is read more »

Recycling In Lanzarote

Following on from Jules' recent article Squash 5 times more space, and my own blog entry of a couple of weeks ago A trip to the beach  I thought that I would add some information about the recycling system here on the island.

landfilll entrance

A little while ago I joined a very informative tour of the landfill site between San Bartolome and Tahiche. For those who've never driven past it, this is the processing centre, or final resting place for our read more »

Lanzarote for Vegetarians

Having decided about two years ago to become a vegetarian, mainly for reasons of environmental concern, I find myself still adjusting to that lifestyle choice. I don´t miss meat, despite having eaten some form of animal product with every meal for the first thirty three years of my life, nor am I lacking protein in my diet, but finding organic fruit and vegetables that haven't travelled half way around the world to get to my plate can sometimes be a challenge. Thank goodness that we still have farmers' markets!

fruit bowl

At first glance, it may not seem such a good place for farming with all that black rock and dust; but Lanzarote has a surprising number of small-scale farms selling their produce at the local market. The most well-known of these markets is in Teguise every Sunday, but I prefer the smaller ones; in particular, my local market in Mancha Blanca. It may not be huge, but there is a large choice of food, varying slightly with the seasons (yes there are seasons here too); from fruit and vegetables, to grains, bread, cheese and fish. The majority of the produce is from the immediate vicinity, and a decent proportion of it is organic, although it is rarely labelled as such, so be sure to ask. La Finca Ecológica de Tres Peñas is a wholly organic farm just outside Puerto del Carmen, read more »

A Trip To The Beach

I love beaches, and the great thing about living on a small island is that you're never far from one. The smell of the sea, the sand between your toes, and the seagull trying to steal your picnic are just a few of the reasons that draw me to coast. Not fans of lying around and sunbathing however, my girlfriend, her son and I are more likely to be found surfing, snorkelling or looking for crabs in the rock pools, and we take great pleasure in the relationship we have with our natural surroundings. Crabs, parrot fish, octopuses, cuttlefish, sardines, stingrays and angel sharks are just some of the many creatures you might find swimming around or hiding amongst the rocks and sandy bottoms of Lanzarote's shores. For the nervous amongst you, don't be alarmed, if you don't bother them, they won't bother you!

Ole with baitball

There is something about beaches that bothers me however: plastic. It's an unfortunate fact, that for all it's benefits (and there are many), plastic has become so prevalent as to be a problem. It doesn't break down into anything that the can be read more »

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