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Healing with colours in Lanzarote

If you recall I wrote an article on Reiki and Lanzarote. The power of Lanzarote’s colours in association with Reiki Healing – Having a Health Holiday.

Sunset in LanzarotePalms in Lanzarote

Well I was sat reading the Daily Mail the other day when I stumbled across an article concurring my previous thoughts on Colour Healing – unfortunately Lanzarote was not mentioned on this occasion; but time will tell!

In my previous article I wrote about how Lanzarote’s colours inspire Reiki Healing. From the colours of the red and gold earth, the sun, through to the palm trees and the sky... So all you have to do is look! Using your vision to embrace the colours of the Lanzarote environment allows you to  read more »

Lanzarote Health Holiday

Now I know some of you are aware of the benefits on your health living in better climates... Have some pity on those of us that have to suffer the grey weather 12 months a year!

Montaña Roja Red mountain Blue sea & Light Blue sky

If you are wondering just how Lanzarote promotes my health then here is my personal insight into my Lanzarote medicine:-

Over the last 9 months I have suffered terribly with  read more »

Autism on Holiday

It has been bothering me about how to approach the subject of Autism on holiday and it was while leafing through my latest copy of the National Autistic Society Magazine that inspiration struck.


If we learned the appropriate language response for saying “My child is not naughty, they have Autism” or similar our life would probably be a lot more simple when planning holidays.

How can we be expected to cope with other holiday makers staring at our children and local people tut-tutting us when our kids have a meltdown due to their routines being disturbed or the feel of sand in their toes?

So while planning a trip abroad with your ASD child in mind what should you consider?

Special Educational Needs In Lanzarote

Special educational needs are not something that the education system in any one country has ever got 100% accurate. There is always a margin of error as not everyone with SEN has the same diagnosis, and not everyone who has the same diagnosis has the same symptoms. Complicated!


So by taking a personal look at the Spanish education system I see many areas where improvements could and should be made, especially for children with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) and those who suffer from language and communication disorders as well as children with dyslexia and many areas where the Spanish education system is actually more defined than the UK by learning methods rather than by achieving status and goal setting.

Apart from there being a free (other than stationery supplies) education for children who are residents of Lanzarote in the public schools, the system itself is remarkable in the way it focuses primarily on the child and the child’s achievements rather than in assessments and target setting. There may or may not be a uniform (school dependent), lessons are morning based with children mostly being home by 1.30pm unless there are specified afternoon activities or your child attends a local private school which usually operate until 4pm and costs approx €4000p.a The Spanish education system also follows a policy of exams and grades being passed before the child can progress into the next academic year.

This type of education system is perfect for children with learning disabilities as it  read more »

Oh, to be British in Britain when the Sun Shines in Lanzarote!

So I have been planning my latest instalment of Lanzarote with Disabilities, all to do with education and special needs but have been thwarted by sickly children. First was the little one with a water infection, quickly followed by the big one with a chest infection, and now we are onto a stomach bug...

Jill and her children at the Sirocco Restaurant in Matagorda

Yet landing on my Facebook Page each morning are wonderful pictures of life in Lanzarote! Full of healthy looking expats, all enjoying a wonderful outside lifestyle, the sea, the sand, the pool, the cafe’s with the umbrellas up, watching the waves lap against the shore line...

Grrr. I am sat here watching yet more grey clouds rolling up, gale force winds blowing the fences down and hail stones landing on the cold grey patio.

So tell me all you expats, would you trade places with me? 

“No” I hear you shout.

Yes the Euro is failing, the economy is sliding, but hey; the  read more »

Travelling to Lanzarote with Disabilities or Allergies

Travelling to Lanzarote with disabilities is not necessarily as hard as you may initially think.  For a start in spite of its rugged appearance most of the resorts are actually not too hilly with plenty of wide open plan promenades and ramps on the pavements and into the restaurants and cafes.

The main Promenade in Matagorda – Plenty of wide open space.For many people thinking about holidays with a disabled traveller it is really hard to imagine an adventure in a foreign country; however looking around Lanzarote it becomes apparent that a lot of thought and detail has gone into the planning of the resorts.

Take for instance Matagorda. Apart from it being my very favourite destination, it has a fabulous flat, open plan promenade stretching for miles and miles. It has in many places a straight ramp towards the beach and ramps into the majority of shops and supermarkets. With specific bike lanes marked clearly into the promenade, making walking around or a wheelchair really pleasant.

Most importantly though Matagorda has a dedicated apartment complex that is specifically geared for disabled travellers with complex needs, the Nautilus Apartments. They have fully adapted apartments, with hoists into the pools and ramps everywhere. They are also close to the beach and centrally located in the resort. The Beatriz Playa Hotel offer Adapted Rooms for disabled travellers too, and lifts to all floors.

Not only are there specifically catered apartments but the majority of complexes offer ramp access for mobility impaired travellers, but many offer marked steps and possible braille on the facilities for those who are visually impaired. Our daughter who is Lactose Free like me..

The last apartment complex we stayed at had a visually impaired couple staying with their guide dog. I am allergic to dogs myself, but he was so beautifully behaved, I couldn’t help but admire him from afar.

For travellers with specific dietary needs such as  read more »


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