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Fiesta Time in Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca celebrates its tradition as a sea-faring town and home to many generations of fishermen with over a week of celebrations in Fiestas Nuestra Señora del Carmen. The town church is dedicated to Carmen and the week starts with a procession through the streets with the statue of the Virgin decorated with flowers.

Virgen del Carmen processionVirgen del Carmen Fishing Boat

The church is decorated too with a palm covered archway and the square (which is also dedicated to Carmen) is the base for football and basketball competitions and music all week. Down in the harbour, a huge fair is set up for a week and there are small market stalls along the pathway. A massive stage is set up for the live performances each night and there are bars and stalls selling every type of food and drink imaginable.

Giant headsFairground

The weather was especially hot this week and so read more »

When in England...

Some advice for Spaniards and others on visiting England.

With so many people visiting the UK for holidays and the lucky ones going to the London 2012 Olympics, I thought I’d offer some advice. Some customs and matters of etiquette are very different in England to how they are in Lanzarote or the rest of Spain.


Firstly, you are bound to encounter a queue. If the newspapers are to be believed, you’ll spend most of your first night in Heathrow in a slow moving queue to have your passport checked. The English love queues and they take it very seriously if you misbehave in a queue. Once you are in the queue, you must give it your full attention. You may not leave the queue at any time because if you do, you will be forced to go the very back and start queuing all over again.

In Lanzarote, you can arrive at read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review, Cantina Mejicana

The Cantina Mejicana is in the perfect place for a meal with a view. Its entrance is on Calle Limones, the pedestrian area of Playa Blanca, but the view is across to the beautiful Marina Rubicon on one side, Fuerteventura in the middle and the harbour on the other side. You can watch people below you walking along the Avenida Maritima and watch the boats bobbing on the sea. On the night we went, local children were jumping into the sea and singing their hearts out as they played in the water.

cocktailCantina Mejicana

The restaurant has a good-sized menu and, for us this is vital, a good choice of vegetarian dishes. We used to come to this restaurant when we were house hunting before we moved to Playa Blanca so it holds special memories as we excitedly planned our new life. The starter we always choose is read more »

Having a Mammogram in Lanzarote

I wrote in this blog a few months ago about my experience of going to the Optician in Lanzarote and quite a few people commented about how helpful it was. So now I’ve been for my first mammogram at Arrecife Hospital, I thought I’d explain the process. Hopefully this might nudge a few women who live here but haven’t been for a mammogram to get one done. If only one person reads this and then books a mammogram, I’ll feel my job is done.


I had breast cancer 6 years ago and my very small tumour was only discovered at my first mammogram in the UK when I was 50. Ever since, I have tried to persuade other women to make and keep their appointments. I was shocked at the time of read more »

Nancy's Summer Blog

This is the latest blog de Nancy. I am quite a Spanish gato now as we’ve lived here for 18 months and that’s quite a long time for a cat! The new vet here told the people that I own that cats don’t have a memory and can’t remember what happened yesterday. Por favor! What does she know?

Nancy in the gardenNancy headshot

I remember the smells of my last house very well. It had a soft carpet on all the floors, which I loved ripping up with my claws. This new Lanzarote house doesn’t have carpets at all. The woman that I own says that in Lanzarote they have carpets of salt… I’m sure she’s going a bit mad.

I also remember the horrible journey here and being in a wooden box for my journey. Hombre! It was not a good time. But what I remember most about living in the UK was how cold it was. I had a bed attached to a radiator and when it was really cold, I just slept in that all day. When the snow fell, I only ran outside quickly to have a pee then came back in. At least I don’t have that problem here!

I must say that I love our new casa in Lanzarote. It’s always read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review, Sebastyan's

Sebastyan’s Restaurant in La Mulata, Playa Blanca has a very good reputation and we’d heard lots of people talking about it so decided to give it a try. It scores very well on Trip Advisor too.

Aubergine saladSebastyans Greek Restaurant

I’ve mentioned before that as vegetarians, we do sometimes struggle to find places where we can eat out. Greek cuisine is very accommodating to vegetarians and we’ve spent many holidays in the Greek islands over the years and we grew to love the food.

We didn’t book at Sebastyan’s and my advice is that you should make reservations because it was full the night we went and we were lucky to get a table. Firstly, the setting is amazing, with fabulous views across to Fuerteventura. It’s at read more »

Marea Bar and Terrace, Playa Blanca

There are few more perfect settings than the Marea Terraza (bar and terrace) in Playa Blanca. Its setting, at La Mulata, near Natura Palace, gives the most amazing view of Fuerteventura and the sunset.

Marea Bar 1Marea Bar 2

The terrace is quite large. There is a grassy area in the centre, some tables right on the seaside path and then a more sheltered terrace. Its setting is perfect to while away the evening watching the world go by but there is also live music some nights. You have a choice of exotic chairs and loungers to make it a relaxed occasion.

They have an extensive cocktail menu, some non-alcoholic cocktails and a separate gin menu. You can’t just ask for a gin and tonic because they have every type and every combination. The waiting staff, in their distinctive white trousers, pour a gin as if they’ve never heard the word ‘measure’. A simple read more »

Bodega El Grifo and Wine Museum

We had friends to stay recently who are knowledgeable about wine and we felt we weren’t very good at answering their questions about how the vineyards in Lanzarote cope with this climate. So we had a day out at El Grifo bodega and Wine Museum.

El Grifo Museo del VinoEl Grifo Wine Tasting

There are lots of bodegas in the La Geria winegrowing area. Expect to pay for degustacion (tasting) as most places charge a few euros. El Grifo is one of our favourite local wines and the oldest winery in the Canaries so we chose to see the museum and taste the wine there. There are a few ticket choices but we decided to visit the museum and then have a tasting session to sample 5 wines with local cheese. As we were 2 couples, we had 10 glasses, one for each of the 8 varieties and 2 extra for our favourites!

You do the tour yourself with the help of signs in several languages although these were a bit unhelpful at times! Fortunately our friends’ knowledge helped and we relied on their help when it came to tasting the wine properly.

El Grifo BottlesEl Grifo Barrells

The old machinery was fascinating and now I understand why read more »

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