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Picture Movie Of Lanzarote

Our friend Jalle has been on another visit to the island over the last few weeks.

This time he has put together a fabulous video of all the still pictures he took, and set it to music. You’ll see plenty of places you recognise here, so grab a  coffee and enjoy his work:

 read more »

New Ryanair App Allows You To Check In For Your Flights

Ryanair are one of the largest carriers of passengers to Lanzarote, but one issue with flying with them is that you if you don’t pre book seats with them, you can only check in online within 7 days of your departure. For people staying for more than a week, it means they have to access a computer with printer to print off their boarding passes. That’s why we wrote this:  Where to print Ryanair boarding passes in Lanzarote.

Ryanair App launch

Ryanair have now come up with a solution, with the launch of their new smart phone app.

The new app, allows you to:  read more »

Do You Have A Property That You Rent Out In Playa Blanca?

We were talking to Matt from Playa Blanca Villa Management just before the weekend, and he and his team are actively looking for more properties to look after.


Over the last few years, they have built up a great reputation for the quality of their work and high standards of service for villa owners and their holiday clients.

Matt told us: “We’re looking for good quality properties – we love it when we can help give holidaymakers a really fantastic stay and a positive impression of the island.”

PBVM’s service includes arrival and welcome packs for visitors, a laundry and cleaning service, pool maintenance and building repair and gardening work.  read more »

Enterprise Rent A Car Calling For Transparency In Car Rental Prices

We received an interesting press release from Enterprise Rent A Car about the unfair practices adopted by some car hire companies in Spain. We’ve written about this before, but the trick these unscrupulous companies use is to give potential customers an extremely cheap “headline” price for their car hire, without mentioning the obligatory “Additional charges” they will have to pay on collection, like:


  • A full tank of fuel at a massive premium over normal fuel prices
  • Additional insurance costs unless you opt to leave a huge deposit

You can read more about these practices here: Lanzarote car hire – watch out for the cheap option.

Enterprise have over 8,000 offices and 78,000 employees worldwide, and they are holding meetings with The Canarian regional government in a bid to have the sector regulated, and the issue has already been raised in the European Parliament. The company conducted a survey and found that around 17% of tourists had been caught with the fuel trap, paying an average of €80 for a tank full. It also revealed that 45% of hirers chose a particular company on price alone.

We completely agree with Enterprise CEO Karsten Summers who said:  read more »

The 50+ Show In London This Weekend

If you’re in or near London this weekend and fancy a taste of Lanzarote, our friends from Sun Park Living will be exhibiting at the 50+ Show at Olympia. The show runs from this Thursday until Saturday 12th July and from 0930 until 1630 each day.

Sun Park

Look out for the Sun Park Living team, and they will give you a free booklet we’ve helped them produce all about life in Lanzarote for the over 50’s and the newly retired.

logo  read more »

Buying A Property In Lanzarote

Many people who fall in love with Lanzarote often end up buying a property here – either as a holiday home, or in some cases as their primary residence.


Buying a property in Lanzarote shouldn’t be difficult, but it is different to the process in many other European countries, so we’ve listed the steps below, with pointers on each, so that you should know what to expect.


Assuming you haven’t already arranged financing in your home country, then the banks here are beginning to lend money for mortgages again, but they are pretty cautious about that lending, so we’d recommend a visit to a local bank before you start house hunting in earnest. They will tell you what terms you can expect, and what paperwork you will need to provide. The amount they will lend here is based very much on the value of the property, not the selling price, so at the early stages they will only be able to give you a very general idea of how much you are likely to be able to borrow.  read more »

Lanzarote's Trade Winds

Lanzarote is known as a fairly windy island, and part of the reason our climate is so good is because of the wind which blows here on most days – without it temperatures would be much higher and the island would effectively become a desert, like the nearby Sahara.


But why do we get the winds, and why are they called “trade” winds?

Why we get winds in Lanzarote

Around the equator, which is the area known as the doldrums, there is a low pressure area of light, variable winds. The low pressure draws air in from above and below the equator, which results in wind moving from a north easterly direction above the line and a south easterly track from below it.  read more »

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