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Starlight Rooftop Cinema Now Open In Puerto Del Carmen

There’s a new attraction in Puerto del Carmen for visitors and residents to enjoy. The Starlight Rooftop Cinema has opened! It’s situated on the top floor of the Biosfera Shopping Centre, just up from the old town, and offers the unique experience of watching top quality movies in the open air!

Starlight open air cinema lanzarote entertainment zone  Starcaf cafe rooftop biosfera  read more »

Yoghurt Creations For Private Sale In Costa Teguise

This is an opportunity to purchase a business in Costa Teguise in time to enjoy the lucrative summer season.

Counter back  Exterior

Yoghurt Creations has been in its current position, in Pueblo Marinero, for a year, and the owners are selling due to ill health. Pueblo Marinero is the busiest part of Costa Teguise - the square with live music and dozens of bars and restaurants. Yoghurt Creations enjoys a busy daytime trade, but also benefits from good business during the evenings, as people leave the restaurants and want to enjoy a dessert somewhere else.

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Lanzarote News in Brief - Week 26 2016

Swim Race From Lanzarote To La Graciosa Sold Out In 24 Hours!


The annual swim race from Lanzarote to the island of La Graciosa opened for entries last week, and promptly sold out within 24 hours. The event is limited to 750 swimmers for safety reasons. The swim is 2600 metres in total, although there are often strong currents in the “rio."  read more »

Pharmacy Information For Lanzarote

One of the things that will strike visitors to Lanzarote is that there appear to be so many pharmacies here, known as farmacias, and identified by the flashing green cross sign.


The reason is that they are an integral part of the health service here. The staff are highly trained and they should be the first port of call for most non-emergency medical treatments. 

It’s also worth noting that even basic drugs such as pain killers cannot be bought in supermarkets or other shops here, so your nearest Farmacia is the place to go for anything like that.

If you are given a prescription by a doctor here, the farmacia is where you go to have your medicine dispensed.  read more »

Lanzarote News in Brief - Week 25 2016

Illegal Radio Stations Denounced

Radio receiver

The citizens against corruption group claims that of the 59 radio frequencies being broadcast on Lanzarote, only 19 are “legal.” They want to raise awareness about the stations broadcasting without a licence, and draw attention to their claim that staff are not contracted to work, and are therefore part of the black economy.  read more »

How Will Brexit Affect Lanzarote?

Britain has decided to leave the European Union this morning. It was a close result, and interestingly people under 50 voted to remain, but the older people of Britain carried the vote. Scotland voted strongly to remain in the union, and their politicians are already talking about a new referendum for them to leave the UK, so that they can remain in the EU.

European union flag

The British Prime Minister has announced he will resign, so someone else will be navigating the exit deal, which will take up to two years to become final.

So how will all this affect Lanzarote, and our regular visitors and residents from Britain?

The further you look ahead, the more hazy it becomes, but here are my best guesses.  read more »

When Concorde Came To Lanzarote

It was on 18th November 1999 when G-BOAC, a British Airways Concorde, landed at Arrecife airport. She was bringing in passengers who were due to embark on a luxury cruise setting out from the island.

Word went out, and the airport surroundings were filled with people to watch the aircraft as she landed and taxied to the gate. Work stopped on all the other aircraft on the apron as workers paused to see the supersonic jet.   read more »


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