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Take Something Special Home From Lanzarote

As well as your memories of a fabulous holiday, its always nice to have something which you can look at each day to remind you of the good times. What better than a piece of hand-made jewellery that says “Lanzarote” every time you look at it?

Chevere 1  Chevere 2

Our friends at Chevere JR have been making jewellery by hand in Lanzarote for 25 years.  read more »

7 Things You Probably Haven't Done In Lanzarote, But Should

Watch The Sunset From Mirador Del Rio

Mirador del Río_2 (1)

Preferably with a chilled bottle of Cava and some smoked salmon sandwiches.

Enjoy A Meal In A Sociedad


Every village has one, and they are offer great food and exceptional  read more »

Up Close And Personal With Lanzarote's Volcanoes

Lanzarote has a unique landscape with over 200 volcanic cones as evidence of the dramatic geological history of the island. Some of these are millions of years old, but many were created less than 300 years ago.

These new peaks are a part of a fragile ecosystem which is being continuously monitored for regrowth and needs to be protected. However, there are places where you can get up close to a volcano and even inside the caldera where you can see the effects of the eruptions.

Volcán del Cuervo

Cuervo Crater Entrance 1  Cuervo Crater Entrance

Volcan del Cuervo is one of the most spectacular of these. Jules wrote an article on protecting this area  which should also be read. There is  read more »

Volcanitos Rugby - Busy Season Ahead

Colin Hughes and coaches Nigel Nevitt and Iain Irving have contacted us to let us know that Lanzarote’s rugby club has a big season coming up.


There are around 12 games scheduled against other islands, and some members of the club may get the chance to compete on the peninsular as part of a Canary Islands team.

Boy and girls from 17 down to 10 years of age are welcome, and the first training session of the season is  read more »

What To Do On Sunday in Lanzarote

It seems you enjoyed our article What to do on Saturday in Lanzarote, and one reader asked us to do a perfect Sunday!

So here we go:

Breakfast at McSorley’s


McSorley’s in Puerto Calero do some fabulous American style breakfasts. Enjoy Eggs Benedict or a tower of pancakes to set you up for the day.

Teguise Market

Teguise Market_2

The huge market at Teguise is a must-do on the island. You’ll find everything there from local  read more »

Top 5 Facebook Posts In August 2015

Our Facebook page is quite large now, with over 33,000 people following us there. In a new feature, we’re going to show you the top five posts made on there each month.


Here we go for August, in reverse order:

Fifth – Should you press the “Euro” or the GBP button when paying with a card in Lanzarote?

A useful article if you're never sure which currency to select when asked Pounds or Euros for a transaction on the island

Posted by Lanzarote Information on Monday, 24 August 2015


Fourth – Stunning image of the space shuttle over the islands

The Space Shuttle over The Canaries.

Posted by Lanzarote Information on Sunday, 9 August 2015


Third – Explaining what a calima is  read more »

What To Do On Saturday in Lanzarote

Here’s our template for a perfect Saturday in Lanzarote! You need to have a hire car to do this, but we can help with that! Lanzarote Car Hire

Manrique House Museum, Haria

Manrique Entrance Casa Museo_2

After breakfast, head to Haria, and park up in the village. Aim to get there at about 1030. Follow the signs to the Manrique house museum and enjoy seeing how the artist and architect lived out his last years.

Haria Craft Market, Haria

Haria Craft Market_2

Once you’ve finished there, head back into the village and spend some time enjoying the craft and local produce market. Once  read more »

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