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Lanzarote Recipe - Gambas al Ajillo

When we posted our Gazpacho recipe last week, a reader immediately asked if we had a recipe for this dish, which is probably the most popular tapa in Lanzarote – prawns with garlic.

Let’s talk about the terracotta dish first – it’s not essential, but you can buy them all over Lanzarote, and they add an authentic touch.

Gambas al Ajilo

For 4 servings


200ML of olive oil (not extra virgin)

Large knob of butter

750g raw prawns peeled and de-veined (feel free to butterfly them if you want)

2 small dried or fresh red chillies (leave whole if you don’t like to spicy or slit them if you do)

6 cloves garlic sliced thinly

Teaspoon  read more »

Lanzarote Recipe - Gazpacho

OK, we admit it. Gazpacho isn’t really a Lanzarote recipe, but it’s perfectly suited to our climate, which is why we’ve adopted it here on the islands.

Gazpacho is believed to have come to Spain from Arabia with The Moors, and that’s why it’s most associated with the region of Andalucía.

We’ve spent years trying various recipes for gazpacho, and we’ve modified them to come up with our own.



(Serves 6)

1 Kilo of tomatoes – very ripe is ideal,  read more »

Lizarran Lanzarote

If you read this website often, you’ll know we like nothing better than great tapas, and we’ve discovered a new place we know you’ll love!

Lizarran at Marina Lanzarote Huevos Rotos y caña at Lizarran Lanzarote

Lizarran at the new marina in Arrecife offers a range of over 200 pinchos, tapas dishes and raciones served in a really novel way and offering great value for money. Try the huevos rotos (broken eggs) for something different which are served with chips and a choice of toppings.

Find yourself a table inside or outside, a waiter will bring you a beer (they serve Mahou, which is our favourite beer!) and then just help yourself to the dishes from the bar, which are replenished all the time. Pinchos will small sticks are €1.40, those with large sticks are €1.90 and a tapa is €2.40. The beer is also a very reasonable 90 cents for a caña. Fresh hot dishes come out every so often, and a bell is rung before they are offered to your table.

Lizarran Tortilla PinchoLizarran Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Pincho

We tried some of the food, and  read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review, Prado Verde

We walked through through the Las Cucharas shopping centre with the intention of a pizza for lunch at one of the restaurants on the terrace overlooking the beach.

Prado Verde Costa Teguise Prado Verde Calamares

We decided on the Restaurante Prado Verde which has a double front with plenty of shaded seating to eat al fresco. Although pizza had been on our mind, we actually ordered the menu del día after browsing their menu.

Prado Verde Salad Prado Verde Fish

Miguel went for the €12.95 menú especial and I chose dishes from the standard and extemely good value menú del día at €7.75. Both menus offer  read more »

Mercado Diecisiete

A new restaurant in Costa Teguise has caught our attention, it’s called Mercado Diecisiete and situated in Pueblo Marinero.

Mercado DiecisieteMercado Diecisiete Equipo

The restaurant’s name translates to Market Seventeen and they opened on Monday 20th April. Minato Sushi Bar from Puerto Calero is behind the new project, together with Juan Serra and Simón Pazo. Sky, air, sea, fire and earth are the elements behind the design and concept of Mercado Diecisiete, the restaurant interior is modern and creative with wine bottles buried in the floor, an open kitchen, market style food displays and  read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review: Hamburgueseria de Famara

We’ve eaten at a few places in Famara,  on our most recent visit we went looking for the Hamburguesería de Famara, don’t dismiss it for the name, this is so much more than a burger bar!

Hamburgueseria FamaraPatio Hamburguseria Famara

The restaurant can be found in the centre of the village nestled in the side street between C/ San Borondon and Avenida el Marinero, there is a selection of tables on the patio offering sun or shade as required. Apart from the recommendation from a friend, we were drawn in by the look and feel of the place, there were lots of dishes chalked up on the menu boards tempting us too.

MenuBermejo vino blanco seco

It was Sunday lunch and we’d walked 8km exploring the village and full length of the beautiful Playa Famara beach to work up an appetite, so we ordered a glass each of Bermejo dry white wine while we perused the menu and specials board. We decided on a  read more »

Lanzarote Recipe - How To Cook An Octopus

Octopus, or pulpo as its known locally, is a key ingredient of many dishes and is delicious hot or cold.

They are readily available on the island from fishmongers and also frozen from supermarkets.



Slice off the octopus’ head, so that you end up with what looks like an eight legged starfish – all the taste is in those legs.

Next, you’ll need to remove the beak – you’ll find this in the dead centre – simply run a very sharp knife around it and push the beak through until it pops out.


Octopus pot

Bring a large pan of water to the boil, add salt, a couple of bay leaves an onion cut in half and a wine cork. The cork is supposed to prevent the octopus from getting tough. I’ve never cooked one without a cork, and I’ve never had a tough one! I’ve no idea what kind of voodoo is at play here, but just do it!

Dunk the octopus into the boiling water three times, counting 20 between each dunk. This will curl the legs and seal the outside.

Once the water is back up to the boil drop the whole octopus in and reduce the heat until you have a simmer. Poach for between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on how large the octopus is.  read more »

Lanzarote Coffee Culture

I was in the UK week before last and I visited a Costa Coffee shop.

While we were queuing for our drinks, the colleague I was with asked me if we had Costa Coffee or Starbucks in Lanzarote.


“No, neither.” I replied. 

“I bet you really miss the coffee culture in that case.” Said he.

“You may have the coffee, but we have the culture.” was my response.

Here in Lanzarote, coffee isn’t so much about the drink as the experience. You will never see people walking down the street drinking coffee from a cardboard cup. The cupholders in cars are never used for their design purpose – they’re useful for storing mobile phones and  read more »

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