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Michelin Star Chef Rene Mathieu Tasting Menu

Belgian Chef René Mathieu is a well known name in the world of haute cuisine, he’s held a Michelin Star for 20 years for his work at Le Capucin Gourmand and La Distillerie.

Michelin Star Chef René Mathieu

The Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel will be hosting a tasting menu at their gourmet restaurant Isla de Lobos, featuring the creations of Chef René Mathieu from the 10th to 12th September. Chef Mathieu has created the following tasting menu with the support of Chef Joao Henrique Faraco and Executive Chef Víctor Bossecker from the hotel.

The tasting menu is available at €55 per person without drinks and €80 per person with wine pairing included.

Jornadas Gastronómicas con el Chef Estrella Michelin René Mathieu

Piña colada read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review, Da Vinci

Da Vinci in Puerto del Carmen had been mentioned more than a few times on our Facebook page as somewhere our readers liked to eat. It wasn’t somewhere we had thought about, when looking for food in that holiday resort. We found ourselves in need of sustenance when it was the Fiestas del Carmen, so we decided to give it a go.

Da Vinci Pizzeria Restaurante

I think what has put us off before is the waiter / PR standing on the street outside, on this occasion he allowed us to browse the menu and just offered us a table, when we had made a decision. read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review, La Bulla

It was one of those days when nothing went right, the car didn’t start, the restaurant we had been planning to have lunch at was closed and then we found ourselves at La Bulla.

La Bulla Lanzarote

It was a very hot day in the capital and we started to relax when we found a slight breeze around the picturesque waterfront of Charco de San Ginés. Looking for somewhere new to try, we settled on La Bulla, liking it’s elevated position and panoramic view over the charco with the distinctive San Ginés church tower in the distance.

Charco de San Gines view from La Bulla

La Bulla offer Spanish cuisine with a choice of salads, tapas, tablas and pinchos. We liked their different combinations, looking across to other tables the chipirones rebozados was popular and looked great, I was tempted but in the end we opted for read more »

Lanzarote Information Sangria Recipe

Every restaurant on the island seems to have a different Sangria recipe ranging from watery fruit juice to a “blow your head off” concoction with Cointreau thrown into the mix. And in between, there are several really excellent varieties of the drink, which has become synonymous with enjoyment in the sunshine.

Here’s our version – we’re not saying it’s any better than anyone else's, but we like it and we’ve spent a few years diligently researching to get it to our taste!



A bottle of red wine. Quite obviously a Spanish wine, we generally go for read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review, The V Factor

Today I discovered The V Factor in Arrecife, this is a new quirky and very cool vegan restaurant in Lanzarote.

The V FactorV Factor Bike Rack

The V Factor by Mítríx Persu only opened in Lanzarote this month, it’s the first 100% vegan restaurant on the island and offers diners something completely different. The interior is fascinating, the more you look the more you see, there’s a parking area for dogs & bikes. The tables and chairs are recycled tyres and pallets, there’s sheets of newspaper on the walls and some funny messages chalked up on the boards.

V Factor Tabbouleh

This was my first vegan experience, I love most food and wasn’t sure what to try from the menu, so I opted for the daily special which is priced at €10 and includes 3 courses plus a coffee. The starter was tabbouleh which was minutely chopped, fresh and delicious when spooned into the lettuce leaves and eaten in the style of a wrap. read more »

Around the world in 5 beers... without leaving Lanzarote!

If I drink when I´m eating, I normally choose wine. But when I´m having "exotic" food sometimes I like having an "exotic" beer to match it: Coronita or Sol with Mexican food, Cobra or Tiger with Indian and so on.

Lanzarote has such a wide range of restaurants that I have discovered 5 new beers that will take you around the world... without leaving the island!

From my favourite Japanese joint Sushi Bar Minato in Puerto Calero, all in 33cl bottles,  I have tried:

Japanese beers in Lanzarote

1) Asahi. Alcohol 5.0% volume.

My favourite one. Quite similar to Sapporo in my humble opinion. I find it dry, smooth and not too bitter.

2) Sapporo. Alcohol 4.7% volume.

Probably the best known of the Japanese beers. I think it has a more robust taste than Asahi but not bitter at all.

3) And finally Kirin Ichiban. Alcohol 5.0% volume.

It seems softer but gassier to me, with a slight bitter aftertaste.

All the way from Jamaica at read more »

Lanzarote Restaurant Review, Turkuaz

Finally something new and different in Lanzarote, Turkuaz is a Turkish & Mediterranean restaurant situated frontline to Playa Los Pocillos in Puerto del Carmen.

Turkuaz Dining

Turkuaz only opened at the beginning of July and the owners are brand new to Lanzarote. Whilst we were enjoying our lunch, we chatted with Yasemin running front of house who explained that her husband is the Chef and they have a 12 year old daughter. The family want to enjoy a better quality of life, after working very long hours in their Cambridgeshire takeaway.

The restaurant is beautifully decorated, with a cream and turquoise theme, there is a full menu plus daily specials listed on the blackboard.  Stuck for choice as lots of dishes were tempting us, we asked Yasemin what she would suggest, which was a meze to share with homemade bread and a mixed meat kebab platter.

The restaurant has strong Turkish roots, Yasemin’s father is Turkish and her mother English, she also spent some time in Germany which gave her fluency in 3 languages, plus her husband (Chef) is Turkish. We can vouch that the food is very authentic and the fabulous coffee is from Izmir.

Turkuaz Meze

The meze was a lovely selection of 8 different dishes, we love this style of eating, it’s tapas Turkish style, and read more »

Five Drinks You'll Hear Canarians Ordering

You won’t find many Canarians drinking Sangria, or “large beers” on your travels around the islands, but here are some drinks you will hear being ordered:

Cafe con hielo


Quite literally, this is coffee with ice, and it’s surprisingly refreshing on a hot day. Your coffee will be a strong black coffee, and will be brought to the table in a cup, together with a glass full of ice. You simply add sugar and stir, if you take it, and then pour the coffee over read more »

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