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8 Things Teenagers Will Enjoy In Lanzarote

We’ve booked a lot of holidays recently for families with teenage children. It can be an awkward time for 13 to 17 year olds on holiday with their parents – they’re not old enough to go out and do their own thing, but in many cases trawling around the usual attractions, or just lazing by the pool aren’t very exciting options.

So we’ve put together a list of eight things most teenagers will enjoy:

A scuba try dive


The diving schools here all offer a “try-dive.” It’s a chance to get into the ocean, in a safe and shallow beach and to experience the joy of breathing underwater and seeing the amazing variety of sea life here, up close and personal. If your teenager really enjoys it, they can then go on to do an Open Water course and become a qualified diver.

We recommend Island Watersports in Puerto del Carmen.

A visit to the Aquapark  read more »

Lanzarote Airport Transfers

For those of you who prefer not to hire a car in Lanzarote, or like to have a few drinks on the way over, we’ve teamed up with a transfer company and we can now offer return airport transfers to and from your accommodation.

We can offer three levels of service:

Shuttle Bus


This is the most economical way to get to your accommodation and return prices per person are:

  • Puerto del Carmen £5
  • Costa Teguise £6.50
  • Playa Blanca £8.50

Speedy Shuttle


The speedy shuttle guarantees you no more than 30 minutes wait at the airport, and no more  read more »

Are You A Lanzarote Expert?

We book people’s holidays to Lanzarote every day of the week, and it gives us a lot of insight into the people who come to visit the island. One surprising thing is how many of you come back time and time again, sometimes several times a year.

We call you our “Lanzarote experts.”

We thought we’d take a slightly tongue-in-cheek look at what sets our experts apart from our occasional visitors.

Are you a Lanzarote Expert?

Do you ignore the guy beckoning you to park in the first car park at Teguise market to save yourself a long walk?

Teguise Market General

Do you order cañas (halves) not jarras (pints) of beer because you know pints get warm too quickly in our hot weather?


Do you know that steaks are generally cooked more rare here, so a medio hecho (medium) is like a rare at home, and a bien hecho (well done) is  read more »

Another Stunning Lanzarote Video

Jalle has been at it again! He really does capture the spirit of Lanzarote on his frequent visits here, and what makes these videos even more amazing is that they are shot on a mobile phone!


His latest is called – Lanzarote, an  read more »

Lanzarote Beaches: Playa de la Canteria

The beautiful beach of Playa de la Cantería can be found to the left of Órzola at the foot of the Risco.

Playa de la canteriaDangerous Beach Orzola

This isn’t a beach for swimmers, there is a sign placed at the entrance to the beach prohibiting swimming, sadly lives have already been lost on this beach. It’s a lovely beach, one we particularly enjoy for walking around, there is a path above the beach to Valle Chico which has been excavated in the past for fossils, and a stone pathway to the right which follows the coastline around to the harbour and village. We’ve found some interesting items washed up here if you like beachcombing.  read more »

Lanzarote Wine Run Holiday Offer

One of the best mid summer events in Lanzarote is the wine run and gastronomy fair which takes place on the 13th & 14th of June this year.

Lanzarote Wine RunWine Run Lanzarote

The wine run attracts over a thousand athletes and walkers of all abilities plus foodies who can enjoy a fantastic range of food and wine during the weekend. The finish line and food fair will be in Uga for 2015 and the start in Mancha Blanca, as the course alternates in direction each year.

The Lanzarote Wine Run has a long course of 23km for runners, plus a short course of 10km for runners and trekkers. The trail run is set in the beautiful wine region of Lanzarote and the wineries have aid stations including wine & water along the route. It’s a special event with a great atmosphere and definitely an excellent excuse to visit Lanzarote during June.

Offers from UK departing London Gatwick on Thursday 11th June for 7 nights

Hyde Park Lane Bungalow3* Self catering bungalows:

THB Corbeta in Playa Blanca 1 bedroom bungalow self catering £321.77 per person (pp)

Hyde Park Lane in Puerto del Carmen 1 bedroom bungalow self catering £324.53 pp

4* Bed & Breakfast hotels:

Los Fariones in Puerto del Carmen double room with sea view bed & breakfast £446.15 pp  read more »

Lanzarote Beaches: Caleta del Mero

Escape the tourist resorts of Lanzarote and you can discover some stunning beaches.

Caleta del Mero from the roadCaleta del Mero white sand bay

The white sand beach of Caleta del Mero is visible from the coastal road from Arrieta to Órzola, just past the wide sweeping bend you catch a glimpse of this beautiful beach at the top of the rise and conveniently there is a car park on the left. Access is via a rocky path directly opposite the car park entrance, or through the sandy dunes from the  read more »

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