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Fun Quiz: You Know You Are A Lanzarote Local.....

Here’s a fun quiz you can use to test just how much of a Lanzarote local you are. Those of you who have been visiting the island for years will score well on this one!

IMG 3345

You know you’re a Lanza Local if:

1/ You have flip-flop shaped white bits on your feet.

2/ Your heart rate doesn’t increase when you approach a roundabout.

3/ You say “Cobrarme” instead of “La cuenta, por favor” when you want the bill in a restaurant.

4/ You plan a barbecue for next Thursday, and the weather isn’t something you even think about.

5/ You don’t bat an eyelid when you run into your best mate at carnival and he’s dressed as woman with full make up, despite not having shaved for a week.

6/ You can't smell garlic on other people’s breath.

7/ Siestas just make sense to you.  read more »

7 Walks In Tias

Tías council have produced a guide to 7 trail walks that you can do within their municipality, which is handy information for any visitors in Puerto del Carmen who enjoy trekking.

Walking Map Tias

Unfortunately these walks aren’t circular and only a couple of them link up to for a longer route, so some planning using public transport, may be required to return to your accommodation.

Walk 1: Puerto del Carmen to Puerto Calero (2.2km)

Tias Walk 1  read more »

Why Hiring A Car For Day Or Two Is Expensive In Lanzarote

Let’s be clear about this - car hire in Lanzarote is pretty inexpensive, so we’re talking in relative terms here.

Car hire

But I know many people visit the island and use a transfer service or a taxi to get to and from their accommodation, with the plan that they will hire a car for a few days in order to enjoy exploring the island.

That can be expensive for two reasons:

1/ We have a limited number of cars on the island, and the budget priced cars tend to be booked well in advance. So whilst you can pick up a car from one of the hire places in resort, the chances are quite high that all they will have available are the more expensive premium cars - the ones you see parked up with leaflets on them.  read more »

Stop Complaining About Budget Airlines

The web is awash with people claiming budget airlines are ripping them off, and families bemoaning the fact that they didn’t pre book seats and the airline can’t then guarantee they will sit together.


We thought it would be a good time to explain why they charge for extras, and more importantly, why they give incredible value for money.

When we first moved to Lanzarote, neither Easyjet nor Ryanair flew here. Our choice was GB Airways (later they became part of British Airways) and a service called Monarch Scheduled. Those flights followed the time honoured flying experience:  read more »

Tourist Beds in Lanzarote 2016

According to the Oficina de Turismo Interior del Cabildo, the island of Lanzarote has 86,776 official tourist beds authorised at the start of 2016.

Puerto del Carmen Lanzarote

The number of official beds in Lanzarote has risen by approximately 23,000 beds since the regularisation of holiday accommodation on the island.

These beds are concentrated within 84 hotels, 308 apartment complexes and 15 other businesses. Of the 86,776 beds available, 32,720 of them are situated within four and five star hotels, the balance of the 54,056 other beds are related to apartments, bungalows and villas that have official licences for holiday accommodation.

The tourist bed information can be broken down into the seven different municipalities of Lanzarote, we’ve listed them in ranking by the total number of beds.

Tías: The holiday resort of Puerto del Carmen has the  read more »

Lanzarote - Where There's Life. The Secret Forest

El Bosquecillo, close to the highest point of Lanzarote, has been highlighted on this site before. Known locally as The Secret Forest it is becoming less of a secret as more people discover it. Some improvements have been made to the access and facilities, although it is still not signposted from the main road.

DSC05487 r50  read more »

Easyjet or Ryanair To Lanzarote?

We share our thoughts on the pros and cons of the two budget airlines for flights to and from Lanzarote.

We travel a lot between Lanzarote, mainland Spain and the UK, and we usually end up travelling on Ryanair or Easyjet, so we thought we’d share our views on making travel on the budget airlines painless, and also on the difference between the two of them.



We don’t have an overall preference, because, as you will see, each offers advantages, so we tend to base our decision on the price and which offers the most convenient timing.


Some things we do without fail:  read more »


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