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What To Do On Saturday in Lanzarote

Here’s our template for a perfect Saturday in Lanzarote! You need to have a hire car to do this, but we can help with that! Lanzarote Car Hire

Manrique House Museum, Haria

Manrique Entrance Casa Museo_2

After breakfast, head to Haria, and park up in the village. Aim to get there at about 1030. Follow the signs to the Manrique house museum and enjoy seeing how the artist and architect lived out his last years.

Haria Craft Market, Haria

Haria Craft Market_2

Once you’ve finished there, head back into the village and spend some time enjoying the craft and local produce market. Once  read more »

Island Hopping From Lanzarote To Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is just 15 KM across The Bocayna Straight from Lanzarote, and you can clearly see the island from both Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca.


It’s easy enough to visit for a day, and despite it’s proximity to Lanzarote, the island is very different. For a start, it’s twice the size and has  read more »

There's No Such Thing As A Stupid Question

We love answering questions about Lanzarote from people planning to visit the island. Every now and then, we’re asked some quite funny ones, and we can’t resist the occasional, slightly sarcastic answer.

We’ve saved a few up for you over the last year:



Can you tell me what the weather will be like from 13th to 20th March 2016?

That far ahead, the only thing we can rule out is snow!

OMG! I didn’t know it snowed there. Will we get rain?


How big is a Renault Clio in Lanzarote?

The same size as the ones there.

No, I mean how big is the boot?

I just Google’d it for you – 300 litres.

So will three suitcases fit in it?

Depends how big the suitcases are.

I’ll get the measurements for you.

Please don’t…..


Can you buy baby milk and nappies there?

Yes. We have babies here too.


Could there be an eruption while we’re there?

We haven’t had one since 1824.

So you’re probably due another one then?


How far is it from Puerto del Carmen to Arrecife?

About 20 KM.

No, I mean how long does it take?

Depends how you’re travelling?

There will be 3 of us.


Is there a bus service  read more »

Not To Be Missed: Haria

It’s easy to pass through the historic town of Haría in the north of Lanzarote, without discovering the secrets hidden within. Here’s our guide as to what to look out for when visiting the beautiful valley of a thousand palms.


plaza de la Constitución en Haría

There’s an underground art exhibition centre in the Plaza de la Constitución in the centre of town, look for the A board advertising details of the current artist and exhibition. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 14:00.

Casa Museo César Manrique

Manrique Entrance Casa Museo

Visit the private house of César Manrique in  read more »

Disabled Friendly Hotels In Playa Blanca

We’re often approached by tourists looking to book accessible accommodation in Lanzarote and it’s actually quite difficult to find out which hotels are suitable for wheelchair guests, so we’ve produced a shortlist of places to stay in Playa Blanca.

Suite Hotel Princesa Yaiza 5*

BluOne chair Princesa Yaiza

Accommodation: Bed & Breakfast / Half Board

Accessible: Accessible facilities / Ramp access / Wheel chair access / Adapted suites / BluOne chair

We can’t praise the Princesa Yaiza  enough for the most disabled friendly hotel in Playa Blanca, their accessible information is clearly displayed as one of the suite types available on their website.

The suites for disabled guests are  read more »

Riding An E-Bike In Lanzarote

Over the weekend we experienced E-Bikes for the first time, and they’re a brilliant way to get around the island! We’ve teamed up with E-Bike Lanzarote to offer you a choice of various guided tours you can do on these clever machines, and you can also hire the bikes to use for your own trips.


But let’s start by explaining what they are:

How E-Bikes Work

Don’t confuse these with electric bikes, where you press a button and they go. These are much more sophisticated – the motor assists you to pedal normally. Think of it like the power steering on your car – you still turn the wheel, but the electric motor or hydraulics make it easier for you, and that’s exactly what happens on an E-Bike. The motor senses how hard you’re working, and provides assistance to make it easier for you. It means you’re still getting exercise, but the motor is always making life easier for you. It’s especially  read more »

South Tour

Escape the tourist resorts and discover the beautiful island of Lanzarote during your holiday.

The South Tour of Lanzarote is a full day out and includes a visit to the islands top attraction of the Timanfaya National Park where you can feel the heat of a volcano and ride a camel.

Montañas del Fuego

Discover how the six year long volcanic eruption from 1730 to 1736 shaped the island of Lanzarote and listen to excerpts from the local priest’s diary to understand what life was like for the islanders.

Geyser Timanfaya

Watch the fire and water demonstrations which prove the heat just under the Islote de Hilario and see a giant BBQ cooking chicken and sausages on the volcano.  read more »

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