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Beware The Holiday Villa Scam!

We heard a terrible story from a reader this week, and it’s one we’ve come across before.


A family from the UK found a villa on a website where you can book accommodation directly with holiday home owners. They conversed via email, had all their questions answered and paid the £2,000 to book their holiday. They emailed again last week to check the arrangements for collecting their keys, and heard nothing back. Eventually, they decided to telephone the owner, who then told them there had been no booking.  read more »

Lanzarote Walks - Famara

If you're a fan of hiking, and you fancy a change from the many volcanic trails of the island, pack your rucksack and head to Famara. Better known for its beach, surfing and kite-surfing, a number of trails lead out from this little hippy town.


Head south (with the sea on your right hand side), keeping close to the shore, and you'll find a sandy trail that takes you approximately twelve very quiet kilometres to the tiny village of Caleta de Caballo. The terrain is slightly undulating with no real difficulties, and the sound of the waves will be your constant, and probably only, companion. Along the way are numerous branches in the path leading inland and eventually back to the main road (turn left and follow down hill to Famara). Be sure to take plenty of water, snacks and sun cream however as there is nowhere to refuel along the way. Caleta de Caballo has no shops or amenities of any kind (earning itself the nickname 'Ghost Town') however, only a few hundred metres beyond is  read more »

Arriving At Arrecife Airport, Lanzarote

Here’s what to expect when you arrive at the airport for the first time, and where to go once you’ve collected your luggage.


Approach and Landing

Generally, aircraft land from the ocean, so you’ll fly to the left of Arrecife, then turn and come in right over the beach – sit on the left of the aircraft for the best views. Occasionally, if the wind is “wrong” you’ll come in over the mountains, which is interesting, and you’ll fly over a main road just before touch down!

Most of the time, the aircraft will dock with an airway, but if the airport is really busy, a bus will come out to the apron for the aircraft which have been double parked.

Airport m2

Passport Control

Have your passport ready as you get off the plane, and you’ll have a short walk through corridors to passport control. It’s not always manned, but if it is, you’ll find the Guardia Civil officer will give a cursory glance at your passport.  read more »

New Movie At Cine 6D

We spent some time at Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife the other day – we had a client to meet over coffee, and then we enjoyed lunch at the excellent Pepa Food Market there.

Wall of China

While we were at The Marina, we decided to visit Cine 6D to see what was new, and wow! They have a new movie called “Wall of China” and it’s no exaggeration to say it takes 6D cinema to the next level. It really is an epic ride  read more »

Things That May Surprise You If You Visit Rural Lanzarote

Life in rural Lanzarote is quite different to the way things are in the resorts. The pace of lifer is slower, and things haven’t really changed much over the years. Here are a few things you can expect:

Cars Stop In The Middle Of The Road


It’s perfectly acceptable to stop in the middle of the road in a village to have a chat with a neighbour. Don’t stress, don’t toot, just relax and wait until they’ve finished!

Complete Strangers Say “Goodbye” As They Pass You In The Street

Haria Market_2

Here in Spain, we don’t say “Hello” as we pass people,  read more »

What Insects Will We Find In Lanzarote?

Let’s start with the good news. We don’t have wasps here! In fact, we don’t have too many insects at all – there’s very little water for them, the wind makes life difficult for many, and the birds and lizards eat the rest!

So what will you find here?


Modified by CombineZP

Lots of them in the summer, fewer in the winter. They’re smaller than the ones you find in northern Europe, and they’re irritating little blighters. They like salt, so they will land on you if you are sweating or have just come out of the ocean. They also love sea food, so have a  read more »

Hotels With Air Conditioning In Puerto del Carmen

We’re often asked to identify which hotels in Lanzarote have air conditioning available, especially during the hot summer months.

Surprisingly there’s not that many! The fact is with our perpetual breeze, you can often cool a room by opening a door and window to get a through flow of air which naturally cools your accommodation. There are times of the year though when the wind drops and the temperature rises, which can make for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.


The following hotels all offer air conditioning, although some of them only offer this in the summer months.

Bitacora Club

The superior apartments at Bitacora Club have air conditioning installed.

El Dorado

Air conditioning is available in all of the apartments at El Dorado, there is an additional charge of 5 euros per day and a 20 euro deposit to use the air conditioning in the standard apartments, the superior are free of charge.

La Geria

All of the rooms at the Hipotel La Geria have air conditioning available during the summer.

La Isla y El Mar  read more »

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