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Pre-Book Activities & Excursions in Lanzarote

Lanzarote Active Club Excursion to Alegranza

If you’re in Lanzarote on Wednesday the 23rd of April, don’t miss this boat excursion to discover the marine reserve and beautiful islands of Alegranza & La Graciosa.

Swim through the sea cave Alegranza ExcursionWalk to Caleta de Sebo

The island of Alegranza is privately owned, so special permission is required from the owner before you can visit. That’s why excursions here are limited and one of the reasons you should take the opportunity when there’s a chance of a trip. This is a full day excursion with the Lanzarote Active Club and it’s one of my all time favourites.

The day starts with a transfer from your accommodation to the harbour in Órzola, where the group departs on a boat for the island of Alegranza. On previous trips we’ve seen flying fish, Cory’s Shearwaters, turtles and on a very special occasion a pod of pilot whales actually came right up to the boat. Alegranza is a bird sanctuary, Eleanora’s Falcons migrate from Madagascar to nest here from March to November, ospreys and Egyptian vultures are also in residence on the island.

It’s normally possible to visit the the volcanic cave known as El Jameito, passengers can opt to swim through this brightly coloured sea cave to the jameo or take a small boat trip if the sea conditions permit.

After some time bird watching and swimming the boat  read more »

Denuncia Service for Foreign Tourists

If you have the misfortune to need to make a denuncia in Lanzarote during a holiday, Telefonica offer a service allowing you to report the details in English over the telephone.

Telefonica Denuncia Service

The 902 102 112 helpline is available for complaints relating to the following criminal offenses:

* Robberies and thefts 

- of and in vehicles

- of documents and personal effects

- in accommodation or establishments

* Missing documents and or personal effects

* Damage

The telephone line can be used to  read more »

Motorbike Hire In Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

Lanzarote is pretty much paradise for motorcycle riding – the roads are smooth, with interesting corners and the weather is almost always perfect! And of course, you can park a bike pretty much anywhere.

Our friends at Motorides Canarias have a new shop in Puerto del Carmen, and they have a fantastic range of bikes you can rent for a day, or for a few days.

They have low rider Honda Shadows of 600 and 750 CC

Honda Shadow 750

The cracking mid range Kawasaki KLE 500 Trail bike  read more »

St Patrick's Celebration

Donna & Pat Kennedy from Slatterys Lanzarote sent us this photo of Pancho Hernández, the Mayor of Tías (which includes the holiday resort of Puerto del Carmen) who stopped by their Irish bar yesterday to launch the start of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Lanzarote.


We’ve already posted the programme of events for the weekend ahead of St Patrick’s Day on Monday 17th March organised by the tourist department from the local council and La Tiñosa businesses in the old town area of Puerto del Carmen. More info:  read more »

The Camel Guide To Puerto del Carmen Is Out!

Our latest Camel Guide is available right now!


This is The Camel Guide to Puerto del Carmen and Tias, and it’s available as a paperback and as an E Book, which you can read on your Kindle, computer, tablet or mobile device.  read more »

Wine Tasting and Bodega Guided Tour

The Wine tasting and bodega guided tour offered by Tourist Ticket is definitely one for foodies and wine buffs to enjoy, it’s a full day spent in the La Geria and Masdache wine region of Lanzarote.

La Geria LandscapeAlena in the hoyo

Our start point was the Bodega La Geria, rather than getting stuck straight into wine tasting, our guide Alena took us into the vineyard to explain the history behind Lanzarote’s wine making. Our first stop was the mulberry bush, this is situated just next to the car park of the bodega and was harvested a few weeks ago, the mulberry fruits, which look like large blackberries are used to make mora liqueur. 

As we walked away from the bodega, in the direction of Timanfaya National Park, Alena explained that the land we could see used to be fertile pastures, growing cereal crops and providing grazing for herds of goats / sheep  for the few small villages in the surrounding area. When the eruptions had finished and the villagers returned, they were left with a vast expanse of volcanic ash which had been blown in the wind from the Cuervo volcano.

Vine in La GeriaView to Timanfaya

It was the local Bishop who needed wine for the church who tasked labourers with digging down through the volcanic ash to find the fertile soil. The holes dug into the ash can be anything from 1 to 3 metres deep and up to 4 metres wide are known as Hoyos. The semi circle of stones placed on the north east side of the top to prevent the ash being blown by the prevailing trade winds are Zocos and together they are known as La Geria, the name given to  read more »

Should I Hire A Car In Lanzarote?

It’s a question we’re often asked. If you’re staying in a resort area, you can actually manage quite well without a car, and even if you want to get out of your resort, there’s a pretty good bus service here and the taxis are cheap and plentiful.


However, there are plenty of benefits to hiring a car on the island, and they are also extremely cheap here compared to many destinations:  read more »

  • If you have to pay for transfers (particularly to and from Playa Blanca) it might actually save you some money to hire to and from the airport
  • If you want to explore the hidden villages in rural Lanzarote, you’ll need a car
  • Very few of the main attractions in Lanzarote are on the public bus routes, so your only other option is to join a standard excursion

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