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Alegranza Boat Excursion

The Lanzarote Active Club offer a fantastic opportunity to take a boat excursion in the Marine Reserve off the north coast of Lanzarote.

Marine Reserve Lanzarote

There’s an excursion this Wednesday, groups are limited to around 20 places, and there’s no-one else offering this kind of a boat trip on the island.

Departing from the harbour at Órzola at 09:30 the boat will head out to circumnavigate the uninhabited island of Alegranza, which has an abundance of birdlife. During this crossing it’s possible to see flying fish, turtles, dolphins and whales.   read more »

Tips To Avoid The Villa Scam

Sadly, over the last few weeks, we’ve come across several people who have been scammed by fake villa owners. In most cases, this has been for holiday bookings, but in some it has also been for long term bookings.


There are various ways the scammers operate. They’ve been known to hack and intercept email address published on the web, to set up whole new websites and simply download the images from places like Owner’s Direct, and even to advertise properties in local magazines and online.

The potential rewards are excellent, because people are used to being asked for substantial deposits, often months ahead of when they want to arrive. The scammers can simply keep repeating the scam over, and over, for any given date and earn a lot of money. Once they’ve done so, or if they are caught out, they simply move on to another property.  read more »

Lanzarote, A Hiking Guide by Ignacio Romero

Ignacio Romero, better known as Nacho from Senderismo Lanzarote has just launched his second edition of his walking guide for Lanzarote, this time the book is available in Spanish, English and German editions.

A Hiking Guide Lanzarote

A Hiking Guide is literally hot off the press, we attended the book launch at Bodegas el Grifo last night, which was well attended. There are 21 walks detailed covering 200km across Lanzarote & La Graciosa. The Summary of Walks list gives a quick guide to find your next walk, there are 10 linear walks where some pre planning will be required with transport, the other 11 are circular walks. The shortest walk is 1.2km around the historic old capital of Teguise, the longest walk is coast to coast from Puerto del Carmen to La Santa covering 28km. 

Well attended presentation

There’s a lot of detail in this hand sized guide, 220 pages packed full of not just walking information, but points of interest, suggested places to eat and stay in the different municipalities of the island, flora and fauna to help identify wildlife and flowers whilst trekking, plus cultural and historical information.  read more »

Catlanza VI - Private Luxury Charter

We had a sneak preview last week aboard Lanzarote’s newest luxury yacht, Catlanza VI. Many readers will be familiar with her big sister, which does daily trips to Papagayo from Puerto Calero. 

But Cat VI is something different - still a sailing catamaran, but smaller and more luxurious and she’s being offered for private charter, with a skipper and crew, to enable families and groups to enjoy a truly special day, tailored to their own needs.

  Cat 6

The choice is yours, but some of the options could be:  read more »

What's The Euro Rate In Lanzarote Today?

It’s the most asked question on Facebook, email, or anywhere else where readers connect with us. Especially since Brexit, and with the Pound falling steadily. 

There are a large number of booze / cigarette / electrical shops on the island that offer money exchange as a sideline. Most display a rate outside the shop, and then claim that’s the rate for travellers cheques, before offering a cent less for cash. 

The trouble is, the market is so volatile at the moment, that the rate is changing several times a day. 

And all that means we can’t keep up with the latest rate being offered in the resorts.

So here’s an easy rule of thumb that will give you a pretty good guide as to what rate is being offered at this very moment.

Check the current Interbank Rate online and subtract 2 cents.

Screen Shot 2016 08 12 at 09 24 06  read more »

Where to watch the Perseid meteor shower in Lanzarote

Eyes up this week, for a chance to catch the most spectacular meteor shower expected in the last 20 years.

The prime time is tomorrow night of the 11-12th August, when the experts are expecting to see up to 150 shooting stars per hour!

For the best chance to see The Perseids you need to find a  read more »

How To Cope When It's Really Hot In Lanzarote

Over the last ten days or so, we’ve had very high temperatures in Lanzarote. Last week, the island recorded the highest temperature in all of Spain at 42,6 degrees, or 108 Fahrenheit. As I write this, the temperature outside our office in Haria is 38 degrees, and it’s climbing.

Punta Mujeres 1

The island is also much closer to the equator than any other part of Europe, so we have extremely high UV at this time of year, which means you can burn very, very quickly.

Temperature 2

The obvious thing to do to stay cool is to keep jumping into the pool, or the ocean, of course! But here are some tips for when you have to wander away from the cool water.  read more »


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