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Trip Advisor Without Tears

We’re quite often contacted by people who are panicking – they’ve booked accommodation here, and then they’ve decided to read the Trip Advisor reviews to get some more information, only to find that there are some negative reviews.

This article is to help you get the best from Trip Advisor, and to suggest you research your accommodation before booking.

Trip Advisor is the daddy of all review sites:

  • There are more than 225 Million reviews on it
  • Almost 5 million businesses in 150,000 destinations have been reviewed
  • Reviewers have posted 32 million photos to the site
  • 139 new reviews are posted every minute!

The numbers are staggering and it’s wonderful to be able to get so much information in a way we were never able to before. But there are some things you need to take into account.

Review sites attract extremes


The vast majority of people do not post reviews to Trip Advisor. Those that do are often motivated because they’ve either had an amazing experience, or a really bad one. That’s why you’ll see reviews at both extremes. People who have  read more »


Lanzarote is a well known destination for retired people from northern Europe  -many live here full time, and others come over to rejuvenate in our all year round sunshine. Our friends at Sun Park Living have written an interesting article about ageism.

As Britain’s “Baby Boomer” generation reaches retirement, it’s a sad and sobering fact that ageism is still a very real obstacle that those reaching retirement age must overcome.

Sun Park

From discrimination in the workplace to social perceptions, it seems that despite  read more »

Lanzarote's TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence 2015

There have been TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence popping up all over the island during the last month.


This year Lanzarote has a total of 441 winners, which is a massive increase of a 104 in relation to last year. They are broken down as follows: 93 accommodation (3 less than 2014), 81 attractions (44 more than 2014) and 267 eateries (63 more than 2014).

Similarly to previous years, some bars have been duplicated as both eateries and attractions, we can only guess that it´s do to with the fact that they offer some entertainment.

Below you can find the complete list of winners that TripAdvisor have kindly supplied us with, relating to the island of Lanzarote. For your convenience, we have sorted first by category and then by town alphabetically.



Apartamentos Islamar

Arrecife Gran Hotel

Hotel Diamar

Hotel Villa VIK

Lancelot Hotel  read more »

A Magical Night In Haria


We went to watch the Quema del Facundo con la Danza del Fuego in Haría last night, it was magical.

Excited crowds gathered all around the bonfire situated on the land to the side of the plaza at 23:30. The event started with the church bell ringing out across the valley, then smoke started pouring from the tower, a devil like figure appeared on the roof with a red flare. Within a couple of minutes they were all around us, on the top of buildings behind the crowd, each with red flares, it was like the pagans had taken over the town.

The masked dancers ran through the crowd to gather around the bonfire, there were even two of them abseiling down tall palms. They set several small fires in drums around the outside of the bonfire, and danced. The figure of Facundo was hung from a rope up high and hoisted into a position over the bonfire, a spotlight picked out the eerie figure amongst all the smoke.

The devil dancers then lit flares and torched the bonfire to set it alight, the tension mounted in the crowd as  read more »

Off Road - The Secret Side Of Lanzarote

The scenery of Lanzarote is pretty unique and the area of Montañas del Fuego, The Fire Mountains, where the 19th century eruptions took place, is one of the newest landscapes on earth. You can get an idea of the island from travelling by car or bus, but to really get to know it you have to get off road.


There are dirt tracks all over the island, most of which are shown on any half decent map, and, provided that there is no sign to the contrary, it is legal to drive on them. My preferred transport is my little four-wheel drive Suzuki jeep but you can of course travel these routes on foot or by mountain bike.

A magnet for me is Timanfaya and beyond the public entrance a challenging track takes you through the lava field, where there is a surprising amount of vegetation, to the most north-western  read more »

UK Brand Food Shopping For Tourists

Maceys Supermarket in Lanzarote offer a taste from home for the UK expat residents on the island, they also provide a one stop shop for tourists wanting to buy British brands when on holiday.

Maceys Lanzarote

Before you all start commenting about enjoying our local Spanish food and embracing the culture, there are some nervous travellers out there who like to be reassured that they can purchase food and products that they’re used to, from a supermarket where the staff speak English.

You can find Maceys supermarket situated on the main road  read more »

Which Fariones Hotel In Lanzarote Should I Book?

Do you know the difference between the three Fariones hotels situated in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote?

Grupo Fariones Puerto del Carmen

Here’s our guide to the Los Fariones, Suite Hotel Fariones Playa and Apartamentos Fariones to help determine which location is best for your kind of holiday in Lanzarote.

Each of the properties have a heated swimming pool during the winter months (1st November to 30th April) and free WiFi with coverage in the rooms as well as common areas. Accommodation can be booked for bed & breakfast or half board in each of the locations. The hotel group also offer a flexi dine scheme aimed at guests who stay in bed & breakfast accommodation but may want to enjoy half board on selected evenings during their stay. This can be booked at any of the hotel receptions and dinner is served at the Suite Hotel Fariones Playa.

Los Fariones Hotel 4*

Los Fariones beach

The four star Fariones was the first hotel to be built in the holiday resort of Puerto del Carmen, opening in 1966. The hotel offers a beautiful green oasis of mature palms surrounding the terrace and pool area and has direct access to a secluded sandy beach.

Each of the 248 hotel rooms have sea views, the accommodation range includes 52 standard double rooms (31m2), and 43 high floor double rooms (31m2), 116 Junior suites (36m2), 25 single rooms (24m2), plus 6 suites and 6 bungalows. Maximum occupancy in the double rooms and suites is 3 adults or 2 adults & 1 child. The restaurant is buffet style with a choice of meat and fish cooked to order. We’ve eaten here on several occasions, the quality of food is very good and there’s a lovely shaded terrace area for al fresco dining.

Los Fariones Swimming Pool & Terrace

The main swimming pool area is very relaxed with direct sea views and natural shade from the palms. A second smaller pool is  read more »

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